Struggle with insomnia.

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Simple tips to combat insomnia

On bed to sleep


Therapeutic baths as a means of combating insomnia

ASMR as a cure for insomnia

Insomniais one of the symptoms of neurosis or its preliminary stage, tormenting millions of people in the present filled with stress, time. Excessive diligence, poor tolerance of stress, rush jobs at work, family problems and personal life, difficulties in learning, self-expression, and genetic predisposition – all of these are causes of insomnia, depressing person. People suffering from her not only physically weakened, but become more irritable, losing concentration, becoming disoriented, unable to distinguish reality from a dream. Magicforum figured out what to do to defeat insomnia.

Simple tips to combat insomnia

Struggle with insomniashould begin with control of their own lives. The bedroom should be well ventilated to prevent stale dry air. Doctors recommend to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime so food is not weighed down by the body, and the body doesn’t produce an excessive amount of energy on her cleavage, not giving to sleep. It is also recommended to take a walk before sleep or breathe fresh air for 15-20 minutes on the balcony. Not recommended for overly sensitive people to watch the horror movies or detectives that activates the brain; not advised before bedtime and to think about problems, solve them. It is necessary to free the brain from the hard work, let him relax.

Helps sleep and a kind of meditation, for example, counting imaginary sheep, or other animals, the suggestion of calm, safety and relaxation (auto-training to sleep).

On bed to sleep

The bedshould be a comfortable size, nothing should constrain movements. The mattress should be orthopedic use. Blanket and pillow — soft. A good night’s sleep helps the pillow with dried hop cones, fern leaves, geranium or collecting leaves from hazel, pine needles (larger number), oregano (half the collection) and a couple of spoonfuls of mint leaves.
All these charges, dried and sewn into cushions, a beneficial effect on relaxation of the body.


Standard tools for a good night’s sleep that do not require special expenses are:

• sweet tea;

• warm the milk and butter;

• warm water with a spoon of honey.

Wonderful work and infusions, such as:

1. Dill. Fennel seeds (50 g) is dissolved in 500 ml of Cahors, about ten minutes to keep on low heat, insist hour and drink 2 tablespoons before bedtime.

2. Pustyrnikov. Half a tablespoon of motherwort is dissolved in 200 ml of boiling water, to insist 40 minutes. Drink twice a day for 1 tbsp.

3. Melissa. Tablespoon of lemon balm mix in 200 ml of boiling water, to insist hour. The decoction to drink cooled several times a day before eating a spoonful.

4. Chamomile. 50 grams of chamomile pour 200 ml boiling water, to insist half an hour and drink before the meal 1 glass. Chamomile soothes amazingly well and is beneficial for digestion.

5. Intoxicating. Drunken buds to grind and mix with vodka (1:4), for two weeks to insist in a dark place, drain and squeeze. Tincture taken twice a day before meals using a dilution of 5 drops of tincture in 1 tablespoon water (caution! Persons with diseases of the kidneys and liver infusion should not be used).

Therapeutic baths as a means of combating insomnia

One of enjoyable and simple ways of dealing with insomnia can be called baths. As you know, bath is taken at bedtime, since warm water relaxes the muscles and removes from the body of the toxins and negative energy. Bath relieves stress and allows you to leave all problems outside the focus of your consciousness. The options are:

• A five-minute bath with the addition of a few drops of Valerian – ideal;

• Infusion of birch leaves (1 part), mint, leaves of hazel, thyme (2 parts) and raspberry leaf (3 pieces);

• The infusion of hop cones (1 part), thyme, Valerian root, lime flowers (2 parts) and HoReCa bird (3 parts);

• A decoction of the herbal tea of Valerian, sunflower seed and calamus.

And warm baths for the feet suitable infusion of sage, Bur marigold and hazel.

ASMR as a cure for insomnia

This method is not suitable for everyone, because of its unusual and uncomfortable to use, many people may have difficulty in making ASMR, but for some it may just not work. The method is unique, has recently emerged, but do not treat it with skepticism: there are already millions of people have tried it and quite successfully!

Autonomous sensory Meridian response (or ASMR) is a phenomenon of perception of sounds characterized by a sense of tingling all over the body and in the neck, relaxation. ASMR-the content is available in different variations. Basically this video is that represent different sounds in high quality, relaxing and causing goosebumps: quiet, unintelligible whispers, tapping on different objects, various types of interaction with microphone (scratching, massage the ears, etc.), reading books, echo effects, interaction with slimani and other sticky substances, cooking and more.

ASMR video to help listeners relax to the quiet, indistinct sounds, thereby plunging them into sleep. A slight disadvantage may cause the need to use highly sensitive headphones, but you get used to it. However, not everyone fits ASMR, some people sounds and movement don’t like, they cause irritation. In this case, ASMR isn’t your method. But to start is to try different methods ASMR, perhaps your soothing just one sound or trigger.

A good way to combat insomniacan serve more of relaxation videos that are used mostly in spas.

However, the General advice in the treatment of sleep disorders one: you must find your unique way to discharge the accumulated emotions and relaxation, it can sometimes help and basic reading boring books for the night. Just try different methods to find one method that will help to defeat sleep problems.

Previously, scientists said that we need to do to get better and fall asleep faster.