Ginger tea for weight loss

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Properties of ginger as a means for weight loss

How to use ginger tea

How to make a drink from ginger at home

How to choose the right plant for tea

Who is not recommended to use inside this drink

Ginger is a wonderful plant in every sense of the word. It grows on several continents: Japan, India, West Africa, Latin America, China, Vietnam. Spice refers to a cultural species, in the wild it is not found. Since ancient times ginger root plays an important role in Chinese and Indian medicine. He is able, in particular, to bring relief with the appearance of gastrointestinal problemssuch as nausea or vomiting. It also helps to prevent motion sickness.

Recently popular among the representatives of the female half of humanity uses ginger as a means for weight loss. And no wonder: the refreshing taste and healthful properties of tea with ginger make it attractive to many. Magicforum figured out how to use ginger tea to get rid of excess weight and bring the body in tone.

Properties of ginger as a means for weight loss

As was noticed by ancient healers, ginger is able to disperse the blood and start the fat burning process in the body. But its root is rich in many useful elements and minerals: zinc, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, etc. in Addition, there are sufficient vitamins to maintain health. Basically, the root contains vitamins b and A and C.

As you know, diet adding to the diet of the spices, helps to improve the digestive processes, accelerate metabolism, normalize the gastrointestinal tract. Due to this the metabolism in the body improves, and start the process of losing weight and burning fat.

Of course, to see the effect food will still need to normalize: give up fatty, salty, smoked food, and also from semi-finished products. Only in this case, ginger will really help make the figure slimmer and rid your body of accumulated toxins.

How to use ginger tea

Use of ginger inside can be different: add dry spices to salads, drink water or tea with the crushed root, add to smoothies or cocktails.

It is allowed in cooking, add dried seasoning of ginger (especially salads). However, the effect is not as quick as ingesting home-made tea with the addition of unusual spices. This is because, first, this tea concentration of this plant much more than if you just add it a small amount in dishes and salads. Second, the prepared ginger tea will have not only fat burning effects, but also will increase concentration throughout the working day, the tide of vitality and strength. Therefore, it is recommended to drink after waking up instead of the usual coffee. Also tea has a wonderful tonic properties.

If you drink this drink regularly, then after a week the body begin to happen positive changes: start the cleansing process will start being removed toxins. Therefore, experts recommend drinking the tea at least 3 times a day. To make the effect appear faster, you can add a small amount of natural honey or a lemon wedge. Lemon is also known for its fat burning properties, so its use will enhance the effect twice.

How to make a drink from ginger at home

As there are simple recipes for making tea from gingerand more complicated. So simple to cook tea “haste”, you need to add a teaspoon of shredded root in a litre of already brewed tea. Let him stand for a few minutes and drink as a normal tea but instead of sugar is better to add honey.

Another recipe more useful, but a little more complicated to prepare. You need to take 4 tsp of milled ginger root, add the same amount of mint and pour a liter of boiling water. Further, the liquid needs to cook for 10 minutes over medium heat. Then add half of fresh lemon juice, drain and send a drink in a thermos for 2-3 hours. To drink in small portions 3-4 times a day.

How to choose the right plant for tea

To drink, began to act and to start the fat burning process in the body, it must be properly prepared. In this case, half of the success depends on the spice. So experts suggest to use to clean the body of a young root is that the skin is very easy to clean, it has a nice beige with Golden shimmer shade, and a pretty smooth feel. Most valuable trace elements.

Old ginger root is not recommended for consumption because of the useful properties it is much less. It has rough skin, yellow tinge and a tangible presence of hard fibers.

Gingercan be added to salads and drinks, both fresh and in dried form, but it is best, of course, use fresh root. Pickled ginger has no valuable properties, so sushi lovers can disappoint: this seasoning is absolutely useless and will not help to lose weight.

Who is not recommended to use inside this drink

Ginger teais definitely helpful not only for weight loss and maintenance figures, but also to promote health. However, some people from drinking beverage and spice in the food is better to refuse, because the root is not considered a universal product.
Therefore, in the following cases experts do not recommend to use ginger inside:

•During pregnancy and lactation;

•Gastritis, pancreatitis, stomach ulcer;

•If you have gallstones;

•If you have trouble with pressure (this applies to hypertensive and hypotensive);

•If you have Allergy or individual intolerance of this product.

Thus, in the first place to drink tea with gingeris not recommended for people with gastrointestinal problems and food allergies.

You should also know that the last meal of the drink should be at least 3-4 hours before bedtime. This is because ginger has the ability to invigorate the body. In addition, the individual intolerance of ingredients, so consider this factor carefully think about your body’s response to drink.

Earlier, doctors spoke about the benefits of ginger tea for the human body.