43-year-old woman who looks 20, has revealed the secrets

This woman is 43 years old, but it is unlikely she will give someone more than 20. Their appearance, she explains the strict adherence to the mode, which combines diet, exercise and skin care.

Taiwanese designer Lur Xue has long been striking their relatives and friends appearance. The fact that friends and relatives of the woman are aware that she has long been exchanged fifth decade. Well, strangers nothing surprised, because I think her early 20s. How is it possible to look so youthful? Lur says that it follows a rigid diet regime physical exercise and developed her own skin care products, which allows to achieve such phenomenal results. First, the woman prefers not to be a long time in the sun because it dries the skin and promotes wrinkles. In addition, whenever you exit to the street she applies sunscreen, since the climate in Taiwan mostly Sunny.

In addition to using the most advanced face masks, moisturizers and similar products, lure apply and dietary Supplement with vitamin C and collagen. Every day she starts with a Cup of black coffee, which, according to beauty, “awakens” the skin. However, she never puts sugar in my coffee. Lur is a vegetarian, she eats lots of fruits and vegetables, and food rich with fiber and protein. The woman is trying to avoid sugar and any fat and flour products.

But the main contribution to a youthful appearance, according to women, make her exercise. She enjoys aerobics, Pilates, running and riding her bike. In addition, a woman during the day drinking only water. Lur is confident that once the skin gets a sufficient quantity of water, to worry about aging and wrinkles is no longer necessary. (READ MORE)