5 ways to use coconut oil

In recent years, products from coconut have become quite popular, and for good reason. Coconut oil can tame hair that constantly shove, moisturize dry, flaky skin, make the heels smooth, and to protect them from fungus. This natural product with many therapeutic properties. Magicforum figured out how to use coconut oil for beauty.

The benefits of coconut oil for skin and hair

Coconut oil is used in a variety of means to care for skin and hair, for example, in medical cosmetics. It is a “bridge” between the doctor’s office and folk remedies. Then like all medicines, before you hit the market, pass a special examination, to cosmetics this is not true. Cosmeceuticals is, in fact, cosmetic that has a therapeutic effect. The active ingredients of such products can prevent skin changes and to treat some diseases.

Like canola and mineral oils petrolatum (cosmetic vaseline), coconut oil is often used in medical cosmetics to soothe dry, irritated skin. This creamy oil has the texture of a lotion and moisturizing properties. When purchasing this product is to choose 100% solid coconut oil. Below are a few tips on how to extract coconut oil benefits.

In the care of the hair:

Use the oil as a conditioner before using shampoo. Simply apply a small amount of oil on dry hair and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Then wash the hair using conditioner in the same way as they do. You can also make the hair stopped shining. To do this, RUB into hair teaspoon oil, once you have combed them. It will moisturize them and make them smooth. In addition, the hair will exude a pleasant aroma.In the care of the skin:
Moisturizing dry lips. Massage the oil into the skin of the lips, then rinse. Then re-apply it on the lips. Then they will be moisturized and soft for a long time.Eliminating foot fungus. Did you know that coconut oil has anti-fungal properties? It moisturizes the legs, feet and heels. It should be used daily to legs were left smooth and it was not possible to be infected by the fungus.”Choose coconut oil extra class. It should not be gidrogenizirovanii, discolored or peeled. It should not contain flavours or colours”, says Audrey Kunin, dermatologist and founder of DermaDoctor cosmetics line. Thus, before purchasing the tool, make sure to read the inscription on the label: the composition should be free of fragrances and dyes. Treat dry skin, strengthen weak hair and apply the benefits of coconut oil at home.

Hydration of the skin

Does it improve or coconut oil to condition dry or irritated skin? Maybe. There are studies which revealed that the untreated coconut oil enhances the protective function of the skin in patients suffering from atopic dermatitis.

To soften the skin at home you can make your own Spa treatment with use of oatmeal — a soothing ingredient.

Add in the solid coconut oil 2-3 spoons of oatmeal and mix. Place the container in the microwave for 30 seconds; necessary to heat until, until the mixture acquires the consistency of thick paste. Vivienne Villamizar, a Spa Manager from Miami, says: “With this mixture you can do massage or compresses over the body. The active ingredients of oats and coconut oils restore the acid-alkaline balance of the skin, after which it will be smooth like silk”.

Restore damaged hair during sleep

It is known that coconut oil can cure hair. Studies have shown that it is able to penetrate the hair shaft due to the high content of fatty acids. If you have dry or brittle hair (it usually happens due to frequent painting and regular use of heating tools like a hair dryer or Curling iron), try to treat them coconut oil for the night.

“Before you go to bed, apply unrefined coconut oil to the hair,” suggests Angelo David Pisacreta, celebrity hairstylist and salon owner in new York. Apply coconut oil on the palm and drag them through the hair from roots to ends. Then comb, comb with wide teeth gather your hair in a bun or ponytail before going to sleep and wear a shower cap. In the morning wash the hair using shampoo and conditioner.

“Raw organic coconut oil is the best remedy for hair — says Sarah Potempa, another stylist to the stars. — However, very often it freezes at the Bank. So it is better to place it in a small container and put in the microwave for 30 seconds until it warmed up to a liquid state”. Before using the oil to let it cool down.

Coconut oil can improve your mouth

Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Shailene Woodley are fans of rinsing the mouth with oil. This tradition has roots in ancient India. Scientific studies have shown that rinsing your mouth with oil a few minutes a day can have positive effects: whitening teeth, preventing tooth decay and bleeding gums, moisturizing chapped lips.

Want to get the maximum benefit from rinsing the mouth with oil? Type 1-2 teaspoons vegetable oil (coconut, sesame or olive) in your mouth for 20 minutes. Then spit out, rinse your mouth with warm water and thoroughly brush your teeth. This procedure advises mark Lowenberg, dentist and doctor of dental science from new York.

How to tame hair that shove?

You have on the head of fluffy chaos? A small amount of coconut oil will have an immediate effect. Dial on your fingers a little oil, and then drag them by their hair to become smooth and manageable.

Going to take a vacation to the tropics in winter to escape the cold weather? Use coconut oil to the hair has not dry from the heat. “If you’re going to the beach or to the pool apply to hair coconut oil — the Council of Potempa. — Get a barrier between the hair and sunlight, chlorine or salt water. With this procedure, your hair will remain healthy.”

Salvation from nail infections

Have coconut oil the many benefits. Skye Hadley, celebrity manicurist and owner of his own salon in new Jersey, says that coconut oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties. This can help to prevent nail diseases and fungus.

Try using coconut oil before a pedicure. Pour it into a small container, fill it halfway, add 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Stir until until sugar is dissolve in oil completely. “Apply scrub to legs and feet. This will exfoliate dead skin cells and soften cracked heels, calluses and corns,” advises Hadley.

Previously, scientists have told us how coconut oil can protect the teeth from decay.