Insect stings: what to do, so they are not scratched

Summer, of course, a great time of the year, only with the first rays of the sun Wake up all the insects that may hinder a pleasant stay human. Thanks to the progress in all spheres of life there are many special tools that help people to protect themselves from bites. Every manufacturer tries to attract their customers by promising a strong and reliable protection for a long time. Unfortunately, all these tools are not as effective as we would like. The insects quickly get used to all the tools and just stop fearing them.

Magicforum figured out what to do to get rid of annoying insects and relieve itching after their bites, which can be very bothering.

What to do if concerned about mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

Because not everyone wants to spend massive amounts of money on advertised and ineffective product, starting to remember grandma’s advice and folk remedies for insect bites, which till today retain their use. That’s exactly what the popular media in the fight against insect bites today and we’ll talk.

It is hard to tell what the discomfort and pain pinosit bite wasps, mosquitoes, flies, comaschi. There is no person who at least once were not bitten by a mosquito or other insect. If only it was a simple bite, it’s not a problem, it can be cured, but what about the infections they can carry. So the vinegar should be treated carefully and immediately to take all necessary measures. Let everything in order.

Was bitten by a mosquito and a horsefly

We offer you the tools that help to provide yourself or another person help with the bite:

•was bitten by a mosquito, then a good helping of leaves of plantain, is a common plant and can be seen everywhere. Plantain helps to treat the area of the bite and relieve the swelling;

•there is a ammonia — this will be great. Treat the bite, before that mixing alcohol with water;

•menovazin. To remove the redness will help tincture menovazin. This product is not as fashionable and advertised sprays, gels;

•effective tool is garlic. To prepare the tools required to crush a clove of garlic and add a teaspoon of water. DAB a cotton swab in the paste and apply to the bite. Garlic helps to get rid of pain and severe itching;

•soda. Mix the water and the baking soda until a thick mass, because then you need to sculpt the cake. Then apply to the bite and tape the gauze or bandage on the passage of 3 hours, if need be, replace with a new pellet. If this procedure is not, then simply rinse the wound with soda solution;

•salt. Quickly helps to get rid of a mosquito bite ordinary table salt. It is necessary to RUB the spot where bitten by a mosquito, but do it carefully so as not to scratch the skin;

•each house has a Laundry soap and is a great tool in any mosquito bites not only. Just lather the wound or blister to drain, and then rinse.

Bitten by a Midge

From the bites of midges helps:

•vinegar. Dampen the sponge in vinegar and apply to the place of burning for 15 minutes;

•if gnats bite in nature, then find a dandelion, tear the leaves finely to get at least a few drops of juice, DAB the bite and cover the patch or wrap scarf;

•In the fight against midges helps onion. Just cut an onion in half and apply to the bite.

Got stung by a hornet, bee, wasp

When faced with these insects, then you need to be very careful, because there are cases of allergic reactions from the bite. In any case, you should know that the bite is to use the following:

•juice of garlic. When bitten, striped beast, first pull out the stinger. Then smear the wound with the juice from garlic and apply crushed garlic. Ask what to do when the stinger is not pulled. There will have to suffer a bit. Because the wound is inflamed and the garlic should be mixed with honey and put a bandage with this mixture twice a day. The relief is not long to wait;

•burdock, and cabbage. If stung, it helps the cabbage leaf. It needs to be cut and lowered for a few minutes in hot water to soften. Then apply to wound. You can add on the leaf a little honey. It’s sure bandage and leave. This compress will need to leave for the night. Usually helps one procedure, but, if need be, everything can be repeated. If you don’t have Kale, you can use the leaves of burdock. For medicinal properties not inferior to the cabbage;

•parsley and potatoes. To bite you can apply a slice of raw potato or squeeze a bit of parsley juice;

•if the bite is brushed, then come to the aid of Basil. However, you will need to make a decoction from this plant and then either to lubricate the wound or taken internally.

As you can see, the tools that help in the sting, a lot. And believe me, they are much more useful and effective pharmacy. True choice is always yours. Perhaps you found a good spray.

Finally I want to remind you that, going on nature, do not forget about “little trouble” with wings, which can trap, and to avoid meetings with them suggest:

•going Hiking or the outdoors, wear light-colored clothing, it will help identify the insect;

•do not use perfumes, sprays, deodorants, so that its odor does not attract bees, which can confuse you with a fragrant flower;

•on exposed areas of the body, apply vaseline.

Adhering to these simple tips, rest assured that camping does not give you hassle.
In addition, ensure that the bite does not cause you an allergic reaction. In this case, it is not necessary to deal with the problem yourself, it is much better to seek help from a doctor that will check is to establish whether the insect bite your health or even your life.

Previously, scientists said that mosquitoes can fly to the smell of a person’s legs.