How to use the tongue to wash the hair with

Sometimes you want to change your hair color, wash the old paint, but not to hurt your hair. Means for bleaching hair and professional washes can severely harm the structure, but there is a natural analogue to common ascorbic acid. It can remove your hair of extra dye and it is not a myth. Magicforum figured out how to use ascorbic acid to wash off the paint from the hair.

Is it possible to remove hair dye without using bleach?

Most stylists and barbers will tell you that lightening your hair is the only way to remove your color, but lightening that are surely going to burn and damage your hair, in fact, not the only option. Fortunately for us, those who like to dye their hair, there is a very safe way to get rid of color. You can even remove henna from your hair with very little damage.
This simple and humble ingredient is vitamin C, and most of us already have it at home!

How vitamin C works when you remove hair color?

In fact, it is not clear why vitamin C works really well when removing hair colorants. However, experts believe that ascorbic acid (the main ingredient in vitamin C) interacts with the dye molecules and breaks chemical bonds that make the dye stick to the hair.
And since citric acid is acid, it is also believed that it helps break down the dye, making it easier to washout. But whatever the reason, vitamin C is a sure way to remove any type of hair dye, old or new, without causing terrible damage to a hair, except for some dryness. In the end, it’s still acid. Therefore, it is important after removal of the dye to ensure that the hair was moist.

How to use vitamin C to remove hair color?

All you need is a few ingredients and a few simple steps. If you already have a tablet of vitamin C at home, you can also work with this, but it is better to buy a ready-made powder of ascorbic acid, because it is much easier to work ingredient much more finely “chopped”.

The ingredients you need for hair removal With vitamin C:

  • 1 tablespoon conditioner
    15-25 vitamin C tablets or a few tablespoons of ascorbic acid powder
    Shampoo (clarifying shampoo works best, but any shampoo will do)
    shower cap
    plastic bowl

If you are working with tablets of vitamin C, put them in a bag and crush into a fine powder. You can also use the mill to get the desired texture. If you are using a powder of ascorbic acid, just take it. The amount depends on length of hair.

Move vitamin C powder into your bowl and add in your shampoo. Mix well until you get a thick, creamy, paste-like consistency. Add more vitamin C if texture is still too watery.
If you have very dry hair, it is better to add 1 tbsp of conditioner to the mixture.
After you are done mixing, apply the mask of vitamin C on dry hair. I repeat, dry, not wet! Make sure all the hair is covered by a mask.
Put a shower cap on hair and leave on for approximately 60 minutes.
After one hour wash hair with warm water for at least 5 minutes. But be careful not to burn the hair! Rinsing your hair will prevent re-attachment of dye molecules to the hair after treatment with vitamin C. If you don’t rinse their hair long and well enough, the paint can be fixed again. Dry your hair as usual. Expect your hair can be a little more dry, but after deep conditioning they will return the Shine and softness.
The results of this method will depend on the shade of your dye, the quality of your hair and other factors.
If you have a lot of dye, you may need to repeat this process several times.

Take a break between treatments – don’t make them every day! Enough interval, at least one day.
When you have removed all the dye from your hair, you can safely apply a new color of your choice.

Surprisingly, this method works with all dyes. Most often chemical remover only work with permanent chemical dye, which destroys the structure of the dye, but they can be absolutely useless when it comes to any other types of hair coloring. For example, if you have dyed your hair with henna, to get rid of it you will be very, very difficult and very disappointed in any chemical or paint remover will not help you to solve this problem. But it is not necessary to wait until the hair just grow back or try to paint the colors of any other strange ways, enough to spend a few treatments using ascorbic acid and henna likewise gradually washed out of hair.

The same effect that washing can be obtained, and when using unstable dyes. Too bright hair tonics and hair conditioners can be too persistent. They are also hard to wash out of blond hair. But ascorbic acid can also handle enough to make several times this mask and wash hair thoroughly. It is best to combine this mask with a deep cleansing shampoo, however, use them every day is not necessary, but one or two times a week you can wash the head, it will accelerate the withdrawal of paint.
It is important to remember that in these masks it is necessary to carefully moisturize your hair and it is better not to use a while hot media for drying and styling hair, as they can negatively affect the condition of the hair, which will be a little dry from vitamin C. In the rest of your hair will not get any harm from such exposure, but will be gradually clarified and will get rid of unpleasant or boring hue. It is also important that this method can be used pregnant women who are worried about the presence of chemicals in dyes and remover.

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