15 stars who are not ashamed of their flaws

Not all people are perfect, even celebrities. If you are worried that you have too big nose, there’s a little fat at the waist or even some flaws in appearance, then this article is definitely for you. Because these stars are not even worried about their shortcomings in appearance. Take their example!

Kate Bosworth

Hardly anyone notices that the actress Kate Bosworth, it appears, two different colored eyes. It is a congenital disease called heterochromia. Typically, such a flaw is found in cats, but it can also occur in humans.

Right eye Kate Bosworth brown tint, and the left blue. It seems that the defect does not bother Kate, she’s not even using colored lenses to gain a single eye color. I wonder what the paparazzi even fell into confusion, photographing Kate. They thought that the actress simply confused lenses.

David Bowie

British rock singer and songwriter David Bowie also had eyes of different colors. However, that is unlike Kate Bosworth, was not an innate quality. At age 14 he got into a fight, defending sympathy to his beloved, and was seriously injured. Ultimately, after some time one of the eyes changed color. This feature does not bother the contractor. On the contrary, because of the different shade eyes, he seemed much more shocking.

Tina Fey

Tina fey on the chin right under the bottom lip a decent scar. In five years she was attacked by a stranger, Polenov knife across the delicate cheek. He just passed by and left such a mark on life. The girl did not even realize what happened. It is not expected that the cut will be so strong. In the end it had to be taken to the hospital, where she sewed up the wound. The scar becomes less. The star does not pay attention to it, but used to get up in front of the cameras so that the lack of pictures it was not visible.

Paris Hilton

From celebrity eye at all different sizes. The left is much smaller than the right. The fact that it has a noticeable drawback — overhanging eyelid, which gives it a very spicy signature look. So Paris is looking for any angle to hide this shortcoming. Also she used to use makeup to drooping eyelid as much as possible noticeable. As a result, on pictures she always has this languid glance!

Queen Latifah

This actress also has a scar on his forehead. Playing with his brother at age three she got that injury. But to get rid of the drawback does not want to because the scar has become part of Latifi. Besides Latifah are often accused of being overweight, too big hands. However, African-American turns these flaws in appearance to dignity — it can hardly be called ugly. Moreover, the charm of the actress is transmitted to all her heroines.

Whoopi Goldberg

From star Whoopi Golberg no eyebrows! However, Whoopi Goldberg is not paying attention to it, and even prefers to treat this philosophically.

Shannen Doherty

The star of the show “Charmed” Shannen Doherty has an asymmetric face. But this does not prevent her to succeed in a career.

Megan Fox

You can imagine that the sex symbol of the XXI century can be some disadvantages? Megan Fox is rightly recognized as one of the hottest Babes of today, but even it is not devoid of defects. In particular, she has deformed toes. The actress suffers from brachydactyly. This is a disease in which the large fingers are not well developed, and because of this, the nails very short and markedly different from the others. It is known that sometimes she even uses doublers when you want to show hand closeup. Megan believes that her toes weren’t pretty enough to appear on the screen.

Britney Spears

, Britney Spears has long been diagnosed with psoriasis, an skin condition that forms scaly red spots. They can become brighter if the person starts to get nervous or to worry. The star often is in a state of stress, as a public figure. It is not surprising that her condition almost every day gets worse. However, Britney is trying to hide their flaws.

Sarah Jessica Parker

That’s really a conglomeration of various flaws! Sarah Jessica Parker has a very small stature, her legs are crooked, disproportionate face, too big nose and close-set eyes. But despite this, the actress managed to become the sex bomb of the 90s and the epitome of fashion and style.

Kylie Jenner

As you know, the scars adorn men, but girls obviously don’t paint. So scary to imagine if the body of the beautiful lady appear like “decoration”. Winner of the scars is Kylie Jenner. Her leg has a huge scar that she is trying to carefully hide. She got it in childhood when I played with my sister hide and seek. Five-year Kylie hid behind a high fence, from which protruded sharp metal stick. The girl no one found, so she started to climb over the gate and fell on a stick that pierced right through his left leg.

Jennifer Garner

At beauty Jennifer also has flaws — crooked little toes. She suffers the same disease that and Megan Fox. However, the disease manifested only on the legs. The actress did not hesitate because of this drawback. Garner even wears open shoes, absolutely not kompleksuya for this reason.

Ashton Kutcher

This smoothie also has a defect, which, however, did not prevent him to build a successful career in the film industry. Ashton Kutcher has webbed feet fingers. That is, two fingers connected by a membrane. This flaw would have remained secret if he Ashton didn’t mention it on one of the television programs. Usually, legs Kutcher rarely enter the picture. But in proof of his words, the actor put his foot on the table, took off his sock and showed his webbed fingers. It was a real shock to his fans!

Vanessa Paradis

Ex-lover johnny Depp is characterized by a gap-toothed smile. This deficiency makes it simultaneously cute and charismatic. In addition, she at all does not hesitate of this defect and don’t even think about how to fix teeth.

Halle Berry

Actress Halle berry actually has six toes on one foot. Congenital, it seems, does not bother the celebrity, because it comes in open shoes even on the red carpet.

Perhaps these examples will help to understand that nobody is perfect. So it’s time to start being proud of your flaws and turn them into advantages!

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