Some ideas for quick protein and fat Breakfast

Protein-fat Breakfast is a trend that has earned its fame. Replacing carbohydrate-rich Breakfast of protein and fat, you can get a longer sense of satiety and improve weight loss results. The list of benefits is really big. Article Magicforum will help you to assess how protein-fat breakfasts are better than Breakfast based on carbohydrates, and why you should start eating healthy food today.

What is a protein-fat Breakfast?

In the name of protein-fat Breakfast no carbs but you can find a place for them on his plate. Welcome vegetables (especially green ones), grains and seeds and small amounts of high-quality bread (especially whole-grain bread, and rye or buckwheat bread).

There are no strict rules for such breakfasts. In practice, this is Breakfast, in which the main source of energy are carbohydrates. They take the classic oatmeal, pancakes or sandwiches with jam. They can be a daily habit, but they will also be delicious and varied as the different carbohydrate Breakfast. You don’t need to make decisions and to agree with him for the rest of your life. No need to give up Breakfast cereal forever.

Protein-fat breakfasts deserve testing because in many people they reduce the appetite for sweets throughout the day and seem more satisfying. If you want to test this theory for yourself, use our suggestions for protein and fat Breakfast.

List of foods for Breakfast

  • Fish (e.g., mackerel, salmon, herring, tuna, halibut, sardines).
  • Meat (including veal, beef, poultry) for protein and fat Breakfast can be, for example, a piece of meat from dinner the day before, in combination with vegetable salad with vegetable oil, seeds and spices.
  • Fatty dairy products — the additional advantage is the reduction of the potentially negative impact of the environment on the skin.
  • Vegetables — protein-fat Breakfast should be prepared with the addition of green vegetables (raw or pickled), limit starchy vegetables (carrots, parsley, potatoes, sweet potatoes).
  • Legumes are the vegetables with vegetable oil or fatty sea fish.
  • Bread – whole wheat or rye (in small amounts 30-60 g, i.e. 1-2 small pieces).
  • Vegetable oil.

Protein-fat Breakfast based on eggs

  • Shakshouka is simply a fried egg on vegetables (most often a mixture of tomatoes, hot peppers, beans and corn, but you can add ham, sausage, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes and whatever you want). Vegetables should fry in a pan in a little oil and evaporate the water (especially if the tomatoes from the jar), to drive the eggs and simmer for a few minutes.
  • Frittata – somewhere between an omelet and scrambled eggs, then eat eggs with vegetables.
  • Scrambled eggs with vegetables, with cheese and sausage (or fish).
  • Omelette with fruit (better fruit with a low glycemic index).
  • Scrambled eggs with ham, green onions, eggs and what you like best.
  • The usual fried egg – a classic of the genre! You can apply egg fried on a sandwich, for example, two slices of whole-grain bread with avocado and sprouts fried egg, cut in half.
  • Egg muffins with vegetables and ham, chicken or salmon; bake for at least 15 (sometimes 20) minutes in the oven at 180 degrees.

What to fry an egg?

Eggs can be fried:

· olive oil;

· coconut oil;

· in butter.

You can not add fat at all, if fried eggs with sausage or bacon. A tablespoon of fat has about 100 calories, so on a diet aimed at weight loss add these calories in another dish, as a Breakfast with eggs and sausage will provide you with enough fat for one meal.

The main thing is the delivery of the individual components throughout the day, but a diet aimed at reducing body weight (especially for women where the value of the caloric content of the diet usually ranges between 1600 and 2200 kcal), you must ensure that the other dishes were rich and, consequently, calories.

We all know the scenario where we start the day with a wholesome Breakfast, run to the gym, drink more water, eat a dietary lunch and then everything collapses, because pies, chips, sandwiches with mayonnaise. Oh, and ice cream.

Protein-fat Breakfast without eggs

  • Avocado baked salmon – avocado is a fruit, for which the cost to take a permanent place in your diet – it has many benefits! It is ideal as a base or Supplement such Breakfast.
  • Sausages is permitted foods if they are prepared from meat of good quality, and in composition are not of the periodic table. It is worth to combine them with vegetable salad.
  • Sandwiches with fish or chicken liver pate with beans, egg and sun-dried tomatoes.
  • Smoked mackerel with vegetables.
  • Sandwich with salmon.
  • Salad with salmon (or other oily sea fish).
  • The tuna salad.
  • Caprese salad with chicken.
  • Pancakes with cheese — (recipe for 4 pancakes): 120 g fat cottage cheese, 30 g oatmeal, 1 egg, 25ml milk, natural fruit mousse (e.g., Magenta) for decoration.

There is no such thing as forbidden foods and dishes in a dietaimed at weight loss. Is the worst or the best, but awareness and knowledge allow us to effectively eliminate their potential negative consequences. Typically, common moderation enough not to expose yourself to the negative consequences of using certain products.

Do you have to give up your favorite cereal?

Remember that diet, recommendations, tips, and everything else that tells you how to eat and how to train — it’s just advice. Tips that you can introduce into your life, if they suit you, your tastes and possibilities.

Match your strengths with the intentions and with different recommendations, choose which ones you can implement. When you realize that one good advice for you to become a habit, take it one step further. You have the time.

Previously, doctors stated that the rejection of Breakfast can help you lose weight.