5 scary symptoms that are in reality not terrible

Although some of the signals sent from the body may look frightening, they are not always talking about the failure in the body and the appearance of serious illness. Doctors have told about what symptoms may get worried and worry about his health, but in fact are not serious.

In particular, the list of symptoms that can frighten and inspire thoughts of a serious illness, – bad breath. One can often hear that halitosis is an indication of the development of gastric cancer, but scientists say: the cause of bad smell in the mouth in most cases more simple than cancer – and for its solution it is possible to go to the dentist.

Another signal – a sharp pain in his chest. This pain can be seen as a manifestation of a heart attack or pneumonia, however, the cause of it could just be the irritation of the intercostal nerve tight clothing or uncomfortable body posture or sudden movement. If the pain increases during physical exertion or breath, it is likely intercostal neuralgia.

Noticing enlarged lymph nodes, don’t panic, give advice to the physicians. Even if under the skin began to exude a bump, the real reason for this often turns out to be some minor deviation – for example, dental caries, colds, or allergies.

The temperature is slightly different from the figure of 36.6 degrees, is also not necessarily a bad sign. According to scientists, the normal body temperature is individual for each person, it can be, for example, below 36 degrees or above 37 degrees, and is able to fluctuate throughout the day.

White spots on nails in some cases may indicate anemia or heart failure. But in the absence of nausea, vomiting, or weakness to worry much because of the spots is not, as a rule, for them there is damage to the plate due to external impact, for example, when using household chemicals.

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