Plastic surgery in Russia sharply

The Ministry of health changed the rules of the market of aesthetic medicine in Russia and seriously tightened the requirements for the clinics of plastic surgery. All this is expected to lead to the closure of a large number of medical institutions, lessening of competition and, consequently, to higher prices for the procedure.

The Ministry of health introduced more rigorous requirements of plastic surgeons, a number of tragic cases which died several patients clinics of plastic surgery. New order has entered into force. In particular, the rules must now obey the institutions that require installing specialized equipment, opening branches of anesthesiology and staff at the rate of not more than 10 patients per plastic surgeon and the nurse.

The experts themselves admit that the new conditions are tough and sustain them can not all. In Moscow are expected to close up to a third of clinics specializing in plastic surgery.

Some plastic surgeons are very skeptical about the new requirements of the Ministry of health. According to the surgeon Vladimir Plakhotina, the innovations are beneficial primarily for those seeking to fill in public hospitals with paid departments of plastic surgery.

“It’s all hit patients. The quality will not be better, death will not diminish. But dramatically, the price increase in plastic surgery,” said doctor in an interview with “Kommersant-FM”.
He estimated that prices for the most popular Russian women have breast augmentation surgery that began earlier in the range of 200 thousand rubles, will cost 400 thousand rubles and above. But officials insist that the new order will clear the market, primarily from unskilled professionals and raise the level of clinics to higher standards.

“We are faced with the fact that doctors are trying to operate without a proper education. Seams such as if sewed soldiers ‘ boots… Organizations that do not meet the requirements, began to suspend their activities before bringing in proper condition of technical resources,” – said on this occasion the head of management of Roszdravnadzora Alexander Sharonov.
Recall that the Agency is actively audits the clinics and to date has already identified a huge number of violations.