From which parent do we inherit obesity

Mom or dad? Who “awarded” us with a tendency to gain excess weight? A group of European scientists carried out the study, which contains the answers to these questions.

Molecular biologists from the University of southern Denmark in collaboration with scientists from the universities of Cologne and Vienna have found that fathers and mothers of their children inherit different types of adipose tissue. In particular, paternal genes inherited by offspring, activate the development of white adipose tissue – the same which accumulates in the so-called problem areas, stomach and hips. Genes are transmitted by mothers, according to experts, “include” the growth of brown fat cells, which protects the body from the accumulation of masses of white fat.

Specifically we are talking about monoallelic H19 gene, which belongs to the same percentage of genes inherited from only one parent. Scientists were able to determine that this gene is associated with a control function in the cells of brown fat and its inclusion in the body protects against obesity and development of insulin resistance is shown by experiments on mice.

Indirectly the active gene H19 contributes to the prevention of excess fat deposition diseases – such as diabetes, metabolic disorders, and cardiovascular system. Details of the study published in ScienceDaily.

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