Jaclyn Hill Just Dropped a MAJOR Hint About Her Next Morphe Cosmetics Product

Each time Jaclyn Hill and Morphe decide to collaborate on a new product, it tends to break the beauty Internet. Their $38, 35-pan eyeshadow palette, for one, was an instant must-have for anyone who spends time watching makeup vlogs. And although Hill recently ended up delaying the release of the palette's second iteration because the shadows weren't up to her and Morphe's production standards, she isn't letting summer end without a beauty launch. Hill's next collaboration with Morphe is set to arrive later this month, and they just dropped some pretty big hints about what the product will be.

Over the weekend, both Morphe and Hill posted a teaser photo on Instagram with the caption, "Get ready! 8.28.18 #morphexjaclynhill" — and exactly zero more details. But it doesn't take a genius to interpret the photo. The mysterious caption accompanies a silhouette of Hill herself, surrounded by six different types of makeup brushes. If we put on our beauty investigator monocle and take a closer look, the brushes appear to be a set of three larger face brushes and three small shadow brushes.

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As Hill explained to Allure earlier this summer, she's a perfectionist when it comes to her product releases. "We put so much time and thought into it being a truly universal palette that's going to match literally every single skin tone that is possibly out there," she said of her shadow palette. "I always want to create products like that, not just a product that's a gimmick. I want it to be so functional and easy for every single man and woman out there." We have a feeling she'll bring that same drive to her new launch.

Even without a confirmation of the exact product lineup, fans are already queueing in the comments section to purchase. "I'm broke but guess what?! I'm ready," wrote one Hillster. "My insurance for my car can wait, I don't need to drive that badly," another decided. Sounds like these brushes better live up to their expectations.

The new Morphe x Jaclyn Hill collab, whatever it may be, drops on August 28.

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