Jennifer Aniston's Stylist Swears by This $2 Hair Product for Frizz-Free Waves

Great hair doesn't necessarily come with a hefty price tag — and Jennifer Aniston is the latest proof. Although the actress does have longtime hairstylist and BFF Chris McMillan on speed dial, when it comes to styling, the dynamic duo doesn't discriminate between the priciest of products and the ones the rest of us stock up on at the drugstore alongside tampons and Cheetos.

Aniston's most recently revealed hairstyle secret comes courtesy of McMillan, who took to Instagram on Saturday to share a photo of his bestie (and his hard work atop her head) from her recent InStyle cover shoot. He captioned the photo, "What a day!!! What a shoot," before getting down to business: "As for the hair. #natural #sebastian whipped creme mousse. @dysonhair diffuser and a dab of Murray's pomade to help define these waves. #love #hair #obsessed and a special thanks to @justinanderson for the amazing color in Jens hair. #teamwork."

As the eagle-eyed beauty watchers over at NewBeauty noticed, McMillan specifically called out Murray's Superior Hair Dressing Pomade. The $2 "old-school" pomade works to tame frizz and flyaways. We can't exactly imagine Jennifer Aniston having frizz and flyaways in the first place, but if she ever does, McMillan handles them with the vanilla-scented staple.

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McMillan also called out another product that won't break the bank: Sebastian Professional Whipped Crème, a $10 styling mousse. But since this is Jennifer Aniston, after all, he does use one of the best (and most expensive) blow dryers on the market. He shouted out the Dyson Supersonic, a $399 hair dryer that's the product of 100 engineers and a $71 million investment. With all the money the duo is saving on hair products, they've clearly decided to go for the upgrade when it comes to hot tools.

As McMillan told InStyle of Aniston, "I'm so invested in her hair it's scary." Honestly, same.

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