Flesh Beauty’s New Hide the Evidence Concealer Solves Your Biggest Coverup Problem

Flesh Beauty, created by Allure's founding editor Linda Wells and owned by Revlon, has already proven that it's concocting the most widely accessible foundation shades. And the company is well aware, as you've probably experienced first-hand, that your skin tone can change throughout the year. Despite my personal reliance on a trusty tube of SPF 50, I still shift at least two shades between January and July, only to return to a paler shade when winter hits and I recede into the NYC darkness. Like me, you've probably had to make last-minute foundation swaps or (let's be honest) simply used a mismatched shade for half the year. But Flesh Beauty sees your lazy shade-matching and raises you a line of double-sided, two-shade concealer pens.

As Bustle reports and Flesh Beauty revealed on Instagram on Sunday, the brand is launching a concealer with two shades in one. Named Hide the Evidence Double Concealer, the pen has a slightly different shade on each end. Not only will it save you from buying an additional concealer for another season, the two shades can be used simultaneously to conceal and correct — and they're marked as such. The concealing shade is a lightweight formula that cools on application, while the correcting side is designed to hide imperfections, with light reflectors built into the formula. It comes in 11 shades (or 22, if you think about it), ranging from ultra-pale to the super-deep.

The Double Concealer is just one of a list of exciting new launches from Flesh, several of which they previewed in the aforementioned IG post. We're jazzed about the Flipbook, a tiny bound book that contains 100 swipe-and-go sheets of blush, bronzer, and highlighter. And keep an eye out for a new eyeshadow palette (bestowed with the adorable moniker Starshine), the Shimmer Dimmer Mattifying Stick, and six new shades of Fleshy Lips, the brand's Your Lips But Better lipstick.

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The new Flesh products hit Ulta on August 27, but they're already available on ulta.com.

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