Erika Christensen Had a Surprise Home Birth — Oh, & Dad Delivered the Kid

Babies tend to have their own timeline of arrival. This we know. Sometimes, they show up unexpectedly early — or labor goes so fast they just pop out at home for fun with no doctor or midwife present. Parenthood’s Erika Christensen and her husband found this out over the weekend, as their second baby decided to make her arrival in a hurry — and dear ol’ Dad had to deliver her.  

It’s no secret that sometimes (but definitely not always) moms on their second or subsequent pregnancies experience faster labor and rapid deliveries. Christensen posted on Instagram that she, like many surprised moms, didn’t expect her labor to go so quickly, and she didn’t phone her doctor until it was far too late. 

Thankfully, dad Cole Maness was right there by her side and delivered their baby girl all by himself. Christensen’s mom and doctor arrived at their home about a minute after the delivery, and her mother snapped this incredible picture of the ecstatic parents with their brand-new, straight-out-of-the-package-fresh baby girl.

The happy parents named their little cherub Polly and estimated her weight at around 7 pounds, 8 ounces (because, of course, the doc was in such a huge rush, he forgot the baby scale on his way out the door). She joins big sister Shane at home, and her mom says baby Polly is chubby-cheeked, rosy and beautiful. 

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While it’s not completely unusual for dads to deliver their own children, often it’s in a hospital or birthing center… and of course, it’s usually planned in advance as part of a birth plan. Polly, apparently, was more interested in writing her own birth plan, and more power to her.

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