5 tips that will allow you to bring the hair in order for ridiculous money

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The important points of hair care

Insights on hair care

Every girl dreams of having thick and shiny beautiful hair. Often nature gives the much needed beauty, and it has to achieve through their own efforts. Someone goes to beauty salons and spend a large amount of money on various treatments for hair care. And the other girls who do not have sufficient funds, try to achieve salon hair at home.

The Internet offers a large number of recipes for different masks, and the shelves are crammed with various cosmetics for hair. But it is difficult to find specific tools hair care for a specific person. This article provides some tips for hair care. Magicforum gathered tips to help you get beautiful and healthy hair without the high cost, just by following the rules for the care and following a few tips.

The important points of hair care

The most important element in hair growth is proper nutrition, and then care products and cosmetics.

The power of hair

One of the most important reasons for liquid, dull and lifeless hair besides genetics and heredity, is poor nutrition. If the person does not consume the daily requirement of vitamins, badly and irregularly fed, eat a lot of fatty and occasionally “dabbles” alcohol, of course, about any beautiful and thick hair is out of the question.

You need to improve nutrition, diversified its products, which contain high amounts of vitamins C, A and E. fruit is peaches, and apricots, nectarines, persimmons, apples, citrus and kiwifruit, which contains the daily requirement of many vitamins needed for the body. Vegetables is beets, spinach, a variety of salads, which contain large amounts of magnesium, iron and vitamin b, beneficial for strengthening hair follicles and hair growth.

Also it is important to clean the body, which you can drink special means for cleaning of the body, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. And also eat foods with high fiber and drink more water. That is plain water from under the filter, not tea and not coffee, because tea with sugar is perceived by the body not as liquid and as food.

To foods rich digestible fibre include bran (barley, wheat, oat, etc.), various cereals, mushrooms, apricots, beans, nuts and even dark chocolate (the fiber it contains in small quantities).

Making your diet a lot of fruits and vegetables, reducing the amount of fried food and drinking alcohol, any girl will soon be felt not just by the improvement of the body, but also notice that the hair become more shiny, and fall they will be in much smaller numbers.

Stress damages the hair

In today’s world, people are surrounded by many stressful situations. This is quite strongly reflected in the health of the hair. If was tested a lot of stress or long experience, that this can lead to very strong hair loss. Literally they are falling out in clumps, but this happens after 3-6 months after the tested experiences.

Also to this terrible results of poor diet, or starvation diet, followed by some girls in pursuit of the perfect figure.

To avoid this, you need to lighten up about certain things, to prevent or avoid very stressful situations and, of course, well and eat right. Then we will be able to avoid this effect.


Stores offer a huge range of different hair cosmetics: shampoos, balms, sprays and oils, just the eyes diverge. But really it’s simple. Don’t get stuck in expensive funds because they are not always able to help. It is important to try several brands and decide which one is best suited. For oily hair offered some shampoos and conditioners for dry, colored hair also have special tools. Everything is always described on the package, it is necessary only to read and make a choice.

First, you need to wash your hair with shampoo, well massaging the scalp with fingertips. This procedure improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth. Then apply a mask on the head, collect the hair into a bun or a cone and fastened on the head for the required time. So the mask is better absorbed into the hair, and the effect of it will increase. After the mask is washed away, you need to apply conditioner to hair and follow the same procedure with the hair, and the mask.

It is important to wash your hair in that order, because after using the mask the scales of the hairremain elevated, and the hair becomes more prone to various harmful effects. Balm promotes the paper priglazhivaniem the hair scales and makes hair smooth and silky, promotes easy combing. Also the paper priglazhivaniem of hair follicles contributes to shampooing with cool water.

Hair comb through 20 minutes after leaving the bath, comb preferably of natural materials (e.g., wood), and it should have rounded teeth so as not to injure the scalp and hair.

If a girl uses a hair dryer or the flat iron for styling, it is necessary to use a thermostable sprays or oils, which protect the hair from high temperatures.

Performing these simple procedures, you can easily achieve the desired result, namely a dense, fine and silky hair that will not go unnoticed. Your hair will quickly change for the better and become more thick and shiny.

Insights on hair care

No need to spend a large amount of money and time to achieve magnificent hair, which will be the envy of all friends and passing ladies, and men will be fascinated by them enjoy. You only need to follow the tips above, and soon every girl will notice a positive effect. In addition, it is very important that the body is generally healthy, because a deficit of vitamins no care does not help to restore hair.

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