This simple secret will help keep the figure slim

The importance is not what we eat, and when you do it. Late Breakfast and early dinner will help us to keep the figure slender.

In the fight against excess weight is of great importance not only to the number of absorbed calories, but also time meal. If you combine a late Breakfast with an early dinner, it will help to reduce the level of fat in the body and even eat less, as shown by research scientists from the University of Surrey. They asked participants to eat Breakfast, not before 10:00 a.m., and at the table to receive the dinner to sit at about 18:00 PM. It turned out that these men had lost twice the body fat compared to those who were fed on their usual schedule.

How is this possible? First, people ate less fat and sugar, and consumed less alcohol due to the fact that the time window of the meal was reduced to 8.5 hours a day. Secondly, they were forbidden to eat different sorts of snacks after dinner, which the body was in a state of hunger a little more time. For 10 weeks, the participants who preferred the late Breakfast and early dinner, lost, on average, 2% body fat.

But even that was not the main cause of weight loss. The study showed that the participants lost large amounts of weight is not just due to the change of meal times. The reduction of fat was due to the fact that their body has begun more actively to burn energy reserves. That is, by increasing the period of fasting from 18:00 PM to 10:00 am in the body of these people burned more fat reserves under the skin. (READ MORE)