Women to go to the no-alcohol

"Women my age tend to drink alcohol, this is normal." So a typical response in a survey among women aged 50 to 70 years, was. Many of them consume significantly more alcohol than official guidelines recommend.

A study of the Australian and Danish women aged 50 years has revealed that many of them drink risky amounts of alcohol and thus put their health at risk. Most women put value on it, to keep Drinking in control, and to conduct themselves in a respectable, on the potential health risks you took, however, little thought.

Agreed, the women in both countries were that the consumption of alcohol is not in your age is normal and acceptable, as long as you are noting, it is the behavior. Differences in Stress: Australian women thought it was acceptable to have a drink, if you had a bad day. For Danish women it was different. They were of the opinion that you should not alcohol use to cope with negative feelings.

Risky consumption starts from the second glass

Some women stated that they drink for health reasons, less alcohol. A significant proportion, however, was of the opinion that you could make a high alcohol consumption through positive health behavior, such as sports betting.

A risky consumption of alcohol is internationally rated differently. While in Australia more than two glasses of alcohol per day and more than four apply to a specific point in time as risky, it is recommended in Germany for women, a maximum alcohol intake of ten grams per day, which is roughly equivalent to a small glass of beer or wine.