Superfoods for women – slideshow

  • These products are useful for everyone, but for women
    especially. They help prevent problems
    which more often affect women: for example,
    brittle bone disease or breast cancer.
  • Green soy beans (edamame beans) These beans are rich in fiber, healthy fats
    and estrogen-like compounds that help
    to relieve the symptoms of menopause.
  • Kale Its leaves contain a lot of vitamin K, calcium
    and vitamin D. All together, it makes your bones strong
    and healthy.
  • Asparagus Another product rich in vitamin K: just half a Cup
    contains a third of the daily requirement. In addition, asparagus
    is folate: this ingredient helps to prevent
    the child has birth defects (such as spina
    of the spine).
  • Legumes Legumes contain a lot of protein and fiber.
    They help normalize blood pressure,
    the blood sugar levels and heart rate. In General,
    do everything you can to reduce the risk of heart
    diseases – one of the most common
    causes of female mortality.
  • Grapefruit This fruit is rich in flavonoids that reduce
    the risk of stroke in women. In oranges, they too
    contain, but grapefruit contains less sugar.
  • Berries Berries contain flavonoids and antioxidants that
    protect healthy cells from damage and help
    the brain to avoid age-related changes. And vitamin C
    necessary for production of collagen makes the skin elastic
    and smooth.
  • Carrots Beta-carotene and lycopene reduce the likelihood of
    cervical cancer and breast cancer. In addition, they
    help to normalize cholesterol
    and blood pressure.
  • Yogurt Women over 50 need more calcium. 200 grams
    natural yoghurt make up for daily rate
    on a third.
  • Sardines These small fish are rich in essential fatty
    acids, vitamin D and calcium. In addition, they
    improve the quality of breast milk.
  • Flax seed They are high in fiber and compounds that act
    as estrogen. They reduce the risk of developing breast cancer
  • Avocado Studies show that avocados protects
    the health of the eyes and skin. And it also helps to reduce the level
    “bad” cholesterol and increase the level of “good”.
  • Walnuts They contain healthy fatty acids that
    help prevent the development of tumor
  • Sweet potatoes Copper, fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, iron, beta-carotene
    all of this is contained in the sweet potatoes. And during
    pregnancy and breast-feeding this vegetable
    strengthens the baby’s lungs.
  • Spinach The folate contained in spinach, reduces the likelihood
    dementia, heart disease and cancer
    of the colon. And lutein protects the eye lens and the retina
  • Beef liver Another source of folates and folic acid (B9)
    – this vitamin is essential during pregnancy.
  • Lean beef Red meat contains a lot of iron – women it
    need a lot more than men.
    But don’t overuse these products: some
    research suggests that an overabundance of red meat
    in the diet leads to uterine fibroids.