9 Women Reveal the Things They’ll Never Do During Sex Again

We’re all about exploring the unknown in order to spice up the ol’ sex life. But in the process, you might have a moment where you think: “Never. Again.”

Yes, we’re talking about the sex acts you vow to never repeat as long as you shall live.

We asked nine women about the one thing they would never, ever bring back into the bone zone. Here’s what they said:

Weird Toys

“An S&M tool that looks like a pizza cutter. It’s dumb.” —Elizabeth T., 25

Questionable Condoms

“I’ll never use those free promotional condoms again. They aren’t to be trusted.” —Abby B., 32

Porn Moves

“A guy I was dating wanted me to do a sex move he saw in a porn. It consisted of me doing a shoulder stand and him standing above me and entering me. Not only was it uncomfortable and unsexy, but when I came down from the shoulder stand I ripped the biggest fart of my life.” —Olivia F., 38

Water Rides

“No more shower sex. It gets slippery in there. Also, water in your face is only sexy in movies.” —Katelyn N., 28

Food Porn

“Food in the bedroom is an awful idea. It’s messy and not sexy to me. It’s a novelty with no return.” —Lisa S., 35

Riding Dirty

“Humping in the backseat of my car in my building’s parking garage was all fun and games until my landlord started giving me weird looks. There are a million security cameras down there. “ —Jenny B., 33

Frisky Fruit

“Don’t put food in your vag. I still have some crazy yeast infection from that whole experience.” —Ashley G., 29

Pool Games

“I won’t have sex in a pool anymore. Men are misinformed when it comes to pools, sex, and lack of lubrication for women.” —Lauren C., 37

Hot Cooking

“Once, against my better judgment, I put on a lingerie ensemble and made my boyfriend a pizza. I planned it so that when he opened the door, I was waiting there. When he got home, he told me he was hungry and wanted the pizza.” —Anna S., 30

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