The crux of the problem with Reflux: What helps heartburn and what not

Supposedly, should be mad, Yes, funny. Scientific evidence, not the however. Probably because of the Tradition of the ancient texts from the 17th century. Century not everything ran smoothly. The saying refers to the fact that acidic foods such as lemon, Apple promote vinegar or Sauerkraut appetite. No matter. Because if Acid gets into the esophagus, this is not funny at all, but one thing, namely, a nuisance. Heartburn sucks and it’s annoying. However, with a few simple Tricks, you can get the nasty Burning under the sternum in the handle.

Heartburn: the crux of The problem with the Reflux

To do this, you should first of all to clear, such as heartburn ever arises. In most cases, opulent-rich, fiber -, and fat meals is the trigger. Why? The body responds initially very useful, if fats from the stomach go into the small intestine. Because it takes a bit longer to digest fats, the stomach via the nervous system a Signal to work a little slower. Ergo: The fats of the food remains longer in the stomach, it creates more Gas and the need to escape. When you follow proper Burping can go with the Gas, stomach acid into the esophagus. The sour Burning under the breastbone is called heartburn because.

Similarly, other popular, but also hard-to-digest foods such as mushrooms, legumes or cereal products. They ensure that substances are not released, the only delay gastric emptying, but also the important esophagus muscles SAG can. The sphincter (esophageal sphincter) is no longer working as it should and the way the stomach is acid-free.

As further risk factors for heartburn large amounts of coffee (three cups per day, and more), alcohol, hot spices, fried foods, and garlic apply.

Heartburn is it dangerous?

Stomach acid blockers

Remedy for heartburn mountains more risks than thought

In principle, no. In General, the so-called reflux disease triggered the Burn is just annoying. Only if it lasts long or occurs frequently, you should take a look over at the doctor. A gastroscopy revealed very quickly, making the heartburn is triggered. In most cases, it is said to reflux disease. Rarely, the mucosa becomes inflamed skin in the esophagus due to the aggressive stomach acid. This leads to difficulty swallowing – and here, too, one should consult the doctor.

Five simple tips to heartburn relieve

Stay away from yogurt and citrus!

It is controversial whether milk can dilute the gastric juice and neutralize. Korean researchers found in a study that the former house agent No. 1 against heartburn should not be the first choice. Agreed, scientists are not but the fact that yoghurt and citrus fruits to help with heartburn. On The Contrary.

Also of so-called acid blockers doctors recommend. The usually tablets administered drugs can bind the acid in the stomach and in the short term mountains will help – but it is a risk. Because you can get many of these blockers without a prescription at the pharmacy, people tend to not take it uncontrollably. Then, they cause often the opposite. Especially in the elderly long-term use can lead to problems.

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