“Where’s Sasha?”: Olga Buzova started favourite on the show “Married with Buzova”

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Who is Alexander Grinyov

Alexander Grinev in the show “Married with Buzova”

“Where’s Sasha?”

“Marry Buzova” is one of the most talked about show of the year. It starts on TNT on August 26 and has already managed to make a lot of noise. The fact that his character is Olga Buzova is the media person of today who seeks a husband through this project. In the heart of the beautiful began to fight 15 men and after a couple of releases they left only 8. The part of the applicants have not received approval from Olga, and one for whatever reasons he decided not to participate. At least so it seemed Buzova. This Alexander Grinev, who almost from the first moments before she won her attention.

Who is Alexander Grinev, why didn’t he appear in the second series of the show “Married with Buzova” and does he have a chance to win the heart of the heroine of the program, read our material.

Who is Alexander Grinyov

Alexander green was born and lived in Moscow. He is now engaged in photography, psychology, movies. Although many times in the Networks 29-year-old Grineva called a professional pickup artist and even a porn blogger. Some time later, the man tired of reading false information about himself, so he published a scathing post in which placed all points over “I”. Green explained that all of this information is not true. In fact, he led a private Telegram-channel, which helped the girls to build a relationship with his mate. But none of what intimacy with their clients and the speech could not be.

“After a very painful breakup with a former girlfriend I plunged into the study of the psychology of relationships, courtship and Dating. I tried to understand and analyze what happens between a man and a woman. Why do they love each other, hate. In my life there was a long period without a serious relationship, I became acquainted with different girls, and, of course, have sex with them for mutual sympathy. A bachelor’s life she is. And Yes, I shared their own experiences with others. This has helped thousands of guys and girls to understand the relationships. Now I have other priorities. I want stability and serious relations,” said Alexander Grinev.
Before becoming what is now the Muscovite, Alexander Grinev has received two higher education: in the Military University MO RF and MIP. He participated in the UN peacekeeping mission in the Republic of CHAD, visited during his service in Syria, Iran, Canada and Belgium. Promoted to Lieutenant, Greene left the service. Then the man worked as a teacher of English in Cannes.

Now green has a team that includes professional photographers. Alexander from his youth was fond of videografia and photography, so it’s not surprising that he decided to connect his life with this art form. He collaborates with the label BlackStar, shooting the videos for their shop. He also works with brands Bentleyи Four Seasons.

Alexander Grinev in the show “Married with Buzova”

And in the summer of 2018, he became a member of the show “Married with Buzova”.

“About Olga I knew not so much. I remember once driving in the car and listened to the radio where the presenter talking to a girl with a pleasant voice. I caught myself thinking that I was incredibly sucked into their conversation! When I already arrived at your destination, you just couldn’t get out of the car because I wanted to listen to this very interesting girl at that time not knowing who she is. At the end of the broadcast the presenter announces that today’s broadcast came Olga Buzova! That’s when I realized that I really wanted to know her. And then after some time a friend called me and told about the casting for the show Olga. As there was no go? After our personal meeting, I realized that Oli insanely powerful energy, she is very attractive as a woman. I think it can be very different. I want to know her different sides, all without exception. Now, in my life at that stage, when you think about stability, and I’m trying to understand whether we can build with Olga a serious relationship,”says Hryniv.
In the first series of man became the first contender, who introduced the heroine of the program. He approached her to kiss her cheek, but she coldly pulled away from Beau, considering such a gesture unnecessary. She admitted that such behavior is unacceptable, if a man and woman meet for first time in life.

However, by the middle of the transfer Olga Buzova changed his attitude to Alexander. After talking tete-a-tete, the girl confessed that she like the green – it is beautiful, educated, pleasant that for it as well as her important tactile contact. They even danced (albeit without music). Footage of their dance appeared in Instagram is not only one that is devoted to the project, but most of Olga Buzova. Alexander Grinev also did not stay aside and posted a photo where he is depicted together with Olga.

“Oh my God, she’s beautiful… Incredible. So true and at the same time a little strange. And at the same time crazy. I can feel it. Beautiful, crazy and funny. God, she’s perfect. And it is annoying… Very…Much…” – admitted under the green.
It is noteworthy that Olga Buzova commented on this photo. She wrote the following:

“How difficult it is to keep quiet when you have something to say…” – those enigmatic words and emoticons in the form of hearts intrigued by all the fans.

“Where’s Sasha?”

But in the second series of Alexander Grinev has not appeared. The shooting took place in Venice. All participants, except two children, arrived in Italy. Despite the absence of two guys, Olga Buzova leading project Marina Kravets asked: “Where Sasha?”. This question has been repeatedly heard from the lips of Olga throughout the second series. But the answer, it seems, the audience will learn only in the third series, and maybe later.

The fact that at the end of the transfer Olga Buzova blew a kiss, saying that Grinyov gives another chance. Kiss it is a mandatory condition of passing in the show further.

Sam green posted some stories and photos in Instagram with the question: “Where is Sasha?”. Suspect that he just did not have time to make a Schengen visa. But the precise answer to this question is not given until one. Many are convinced that the disappearance of Alexandra hrinova – the obvious favourite of Olga Buzova – no more than a well-thought-out course writers. It is assumed that in the third series the man will appear and explain where he’s been the whole series.

Moreover, these terse correspondence Buzova and Grineva in social networks has prompted many Internet users to the idea that Alexander will be the winner of the project “Marry Buzova”. Is it really so? Learn in just a few weeks.