The most unexpected disputes Russian stars

Stars are people too and they, like many, I like the excitement. Today we will talk about those celebrities who have done unexpected or even shocking controversy.

Alexander Petrov

Known for the role of the police Grisha from the “Police with the ruble,” the actor loves Moscow “Spartak”. The young man began to get involved in this sport in childhood, seven years. The love of football was instilled in him father. He even dreamed of becoming a footballer, but a serious injury led to the fact that Petrov had to retire from the national team of his native city Pereslavl-Zalessky. However, soon he will be able to fulfill this dream. But a recent interesting discussion of Alexander for a very different sport.

“I made a bet with the producer of the film “Ice”: if a picture collects rent billion rubles, he goes to the store and buys me a fancy laptop. And if I lost, it would give the producer a phone,” — said Alexander Petrov.
It is worth noting that Alexander is out of dispute by the winner — even on the 10-day “Ice” has collected a billion rubles.

Mikhail Boyarsky

Actor and singer Mikhail Boyarsky is a famous football fan. He became Ambassador from St. Petersburg on the world Cup. He vehemently rooting for “Zenith”.

“I am campaigning for a healthy lifestyle, meeting with volunteers. My youngest grandson, Andrew 6 years, and he’s already driving the ball and knows what the “blue-white-blue” — our”, — admitted seigniorial.
Actor loves to argue. So, he made a wager with fans and said that if Zenit wins the Russian championship, it will be a year to go in the fan “rose”. Who could have imagined that the boyar will keep his word!

He so believes that the duty of the Wrangler to be performed that does not even remove the attribute of “Zenith” even during the concerts in the Kremlin. However, now it is more so not at risk.

“Is that the action “Whiskers of hope,” his countryman Ivan Urgant I would support. All it needs to grow in honor of team mustache! But I have it already. And this is a plus if something does not have to shave,” said Boyarsky.

Liza Arzamasova

But the actress argues with herself, not daring to make a bet with someone else, because a helluva lot of gambling person.

“I like those home, small-town bet. When you start to root for a football team, for example, agree with him: if we win, I’ll allow myself to eat a brownie or piece of cake. Incidentally, the same feat for the actress! Especially considering that the games usually end late when there is already not recommended. But for the first game of our team I bet has not concluded. Wanted the opening of the championship was a real feast of football — at any expense. After the victory of Russia I was driving around town and saw a completely happy Moscow. Fans hugged, sang and danced. The holiday was a success!”, — admitted Arzamasova.

Dmitriy Nagiev

According to the actor Dmitry Nagiyev, he lost only once in life and only own son, and always dispute emerged victorious due to his charisma. Once the son of Russian actor Kirill published a post on Instagram that Nagiyev will have to make a personal page if the publication reaches a million likes.

“Friends, it is possible to attract Dmitry Nagiyev in the social network. We argued that if this post reaches a million likes, it will lead to your page. Forward!”, – written by Cyril.
What do you think? He did, and Dimitri had to keep his word. Now Nagiyev signed more than 7 million people.

Sergei Svetlakov

Svetlakov is a fan of “locomotive” and loves to bet. He admitted that one day in ninth grade, argued that will grow the biceps on just one hand. In the end could, as hard swung hand weights. And during the games in the WHC, he had an argument with the guys that will fill the pool in the yard honey!

“It was in Krasnaya Polyana, where we rented a cottage. Bought all the honey in the County, and in the trunks together in he jumped! Since I know that swimming in honey — a great way to maintain fitness. To sail is very difficult, and even more difficult from pool to escape…” — said Svetlakov.

Ekaterina Volkova

The actress from the TV series “Voronin” watched game in the world Cup on the sea in Turkey. The family Volkova managed to escape to the South, where, together with fellow star rooting for our. According to Ekaterina Volkova in her life was just one bet, when I went with her daughter to the fitness club.

“While Lisa was swimming with the coach, my friend and I were practicing. Reached stretch marks, word for word, and I dispute confirmed that this month will easily sit in a perfectly flat split. Threw themselves into the challenge. Lisa strongly supported me — wish I won that bet! Every day following and was wondering if I work out for sports, exercise if I pulled if I even did it with me now… So sad that the little girl did not see my triumph, after the dispute I had lost,” admitted Ekaterina Volkova.
According to Volkova, the twine was also her daughter a real lesson. The daughter realized that in life there are disappointments, losses, but it’s not terrible. In the end, the girl decided to win an argument for my mom and learned to sit in perfect splits!

Dmitry Nazarov

Actor Dmitry Nazarov, known to many for her role as chef Barinova in the TV series “Kitchen” a long time ago over in “Spartak”. That’s it and connects with the hero of the movie.

“I have no idea what I would do, if the writers of “Kitchen” decided that the chief is ill, lost or, God forbid, for “Dinamo”. I probably would have asked them to rewrite or even would refuse to play! And in the theater and film group I give the schedule of football games to set up a schedule. You could say it’s on my rider. By the way, when I began to serve in the Russian army Theatre, where all rooting for CSKA, I stood like a pillar in a storm — one against all! They pecked me, and I struggled with epigrams,” — says Dmitry Nazarov.
But to argue about the game of “Spartacus” actor is not very fond of. Once he finally did it and won. The actor promised that he would write a song in honor of his favorite football club, if he beat “Zenit” in the “Premier League”. Such bet it pushed Sergey Shnurov..

“After our defeat from “Zenith” with the account 1:5 with Denis Matsuev saw a video with the song of the Cord and decided to give your answer. Unfortunately, Denis couldn’t come from a tour. So to write a song in honor of winning “Spartacus” I had one. And I did it in literally 5 minutes! The song ends this way: “Life itself places all put, from Moscow to the frozen Neva, observing the iron rule: we “Spartak” — alas”, — said Nazarov.