The Internet trolls from Russia forced the West to abandon vaccination

The so-called Russian trolls use fake accounts in social networks for spreading misinformation about childhood vaccination in the West. This leads to the fact that Western parents refuse to vaccinate their children, according to journalists.

The popular British newspaper Daily Mail published an article in which he accused the Russian Internet trolls in the development antivaccinationism movement in the West. The authors claim that Russian hackers allegedly creating fake social media accounts in order to add fuel to the fire disputes about harm and benefit of vaccination. Thus the “evil Russians” are at risk of serious illnesses and even deaths of millions of Western children. Their goal is to sow chaos and death in Western States. Trolls write about what immunizations cause autism, contain mercury and in a secret move by the government to reduce population.

The newspaper refers to some “experts” from the United States who claim that the countless social accounts Western parents are bombarded with messages about the dangers of vaccines. Tactics allegedly includes the installation of Internet robots, or bots in order to start a debate about the safety of the stock. Some of these accounts allegedly related to the famous St. Petersburg firm “the Agency Internet research”, which, according to some Western journalists and politicians, supported by the Russian government. The company is accused of interfering in the elections of the President of the United States, as well as attempts to push the coming to power of British labour MP Jeremy Corbyn in 2017.

Journalists from the UK am pleased that this “insidious tactic of” Russian hackers exposed. They write that this is especially important on the background of a powerful epidemic of measles, which is developing in Europe. Experts believe that it is largely due to the activity antivaccination movement, which originated, evolved, gained momentum and became the most powerful in the West, where gradually has come to Russia. ()