Beauty in 60 minutes: how to freshen up after work

Friday. The day is coming to an end. On the face the traces of a week of fatigue. Buzzing legs. And it is not the joy long-awaited meeting, which is scheduled for Friday night. Even do not want to think about the fact that 2 hours have to smile, have fun, maybe even dance. All I want in this moment, hurry to get home, to take a horizontal position and never come out.

But if you take a few small secrets, rejuvenate and refresh your appearance in just 60 minutes. So time went! Magicforum will tell how for one hour to freshen up even after a very hard day.

How to start a care?

For starters , you need to take a shower and wash your hair. Essential oil included with the shampoo and conditioner, improve skin tone, give strength and lift your spirits. The water temperature should be pleasant for the body. Well after a shower apply to damp skin with your favorite cream. Not be amiss to add essential oil. It is enough only 1-2 drops of lavender, rose or citrus. The body is lightly massage and a good RUB with a towel. Hair dry and tuck with a hair dryer. These procedures will take about 20-25 minutes.

Now you can make oil compress for the neck. To do this, simply soak in vegetable oil with a soft cloth and wrap it around the neck. You can close the top with cellophane. The compress should be removed last. It will take another 3 minutes.

The next 15 minutes, three miracle masks for the face. They returned to the skin and eyes Shine.

First the mask will serve as a sort of scrub or polishing. It gives the skin smoothness and silkiness. For it will need 2 tablespoons of regular rolled oats and 6 tablespoons of warm boiled water. Hercules to pour water, mix and lightly, not rubbing the skin, apply the resulting slurry on the face along the massage lines. Water optionally can be added. Literally a minute to wash away with warm water.

• For the second mask need the yolk of one egg. The yolk whip and spread on face with a brush or a cotton swab, wait a few minutes until the yolk is not dry and apply a second coat. Gently massage the face and rinse the yolk with water.

• The third mask, the remainder of the protein. It should also be fluff and a thin layer, apply to face, avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes. After the mask dries, apply a second coat, in the same way the third, then the fourth. Mask rinse with water after drying the last layer.

It’s time to restore strength and energy

Many people mistakenly believe that a Cup of strong tea or coffee will help to regain strength. This is not so. What really can help is a vitamin cocktail. For such cases, very effective peppermint water. In a glass of water 1 spoon of crushed dry mint or several fresh leaves. Nice to drink a Cup of weak tea with a slice of lemon. Very well restores strength and energy of vitamin C. you just Have to dissolve in a glass of water effervescent tablet of this drug and have a solution. If all the ingredients are prepared in advance, the cocktail will take 2 minutes.

Then 15 minutes on makeup. Since time is limited, it is not necessary to experiment with new cosmetics. It is better to use their familiar and proven tools. Before you use makeup, it’s nice to put on the face base cream. Very well proven creams of a new generation, with elements of mica and Nicotiana. Thanks to micro particles of these components is an optical illusion: the face that looks like it glows from the inside, and the skin becomes smooth and silky.

In reality with the skin nothing happens, it is a magical deception, the so-called reflective effect. Further, on the base apply the cream toning cream with lifting effect and a little light translucent powder. In the complex the two cream plus powder ensure the result is minus ten years. At the gala evening this is an important effect.

It remains a pencil to draw the outline of the eyes, apply a shadow to give volume and lengthen lashes with your favorite mascara, a little blush and lipstick. Nothing vulgar, flashy. Naturalness is always in fashion.

The result – an absolute transformation. Time costs – 60 minutes.

Of course, the beauty of 60 minutes is a variant of extreme. It would be nice to have at least another half hour. During this time, you can catch a lot, especially by following simple tips.

Tips that will allow you to freshen up

Swelling and leg fatigue to help relieve massage. Immediately after showering should carefully RUB the feet from the foot but the knee using massage and a drop of any essential oil. Finished massage good five minutes to lie down with legs higher.

• To relieve a headache, you can use lavender essential oil, rubbed just one drop of it between his fingers.

• From inappropriately appearing pimples quickly to get rid of, unfortunately, does not work, but it is possible to disguise. There is an old “grandmother’s” way – eye pencil in just the right place to put the “fly”.

• Eyes turned red and lost their luster. The reason may be a sleepless night, a long work at the computer or just street dust. To cope with this problem will help a compress of tea bags or raw grated potatoes.

• Red spots on the face can be removed using the same welding. Thick linen napkin, folded several times to be moistened tea brewing and put on the face. After 10 minutes remove the cloth, and the person rinse with cool water.

• Beautiful well-groomed hands also attract the eye of others. A few simple manipulations and hands become soft and white. You can make an exfoliating scrub oatmeal. Pour a handful of oatmeal with warm water until mushy consistency and how to RUB their hands with this mixture. Then wash your hands under running water, apply a nourishing cream, blot the excess with a napkin. Hands look perfect.

Probably just stay within the allotted hours will not be for everyone. But experience comes with time. It’s worth a try. And will result in admiring glances of men and a little jealous in the eyes of women.

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