Very oily product, which improves heart

Scientists from University College Dublin in Ireland urged not to be afraid to eat fatty foods, and in particular, such as cheese. Fatty cheese is good for the heart as no other milk product – this is the opinion of researchers.

Consumption of fatty cheese lowers “bad” cholesterol more important than other dairy products, said the experts from Dublin. According to them, this quality cheese has due to the special structure and contained nutrients –calcium and casein (type of protein).

In particular, their experiment showed that by eating 120 grams of fat cheese daily for six weeks, participants were able to achieve a significant improvement in their cholesterol profile, – what, for example, did not happen with the volunteers who ate low-fat cheese.

Experts have proposed his version of why is contained in cheese fat does not increase cholesterol plaque in the vessels, but, on the contrary, reduces it. According to their data, in the cheese around each drop fatty acids there is a shell, and this feature affects the level of cholesterol.

“In General, the intake of fatty dairy products reduces the risk of death from stroke by 42%,” stated the authors.
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