Nostalgia can improve a person’s mood

Nostalgia can improve a person’s mood. The research was conducted by psychologists from the University of Southampton, Winchester and Surrey.

Nostalgic memories lead to the pleasure derived due to good event in the past. Psychologists decided to study the process of remembering that which man strives for positive emotions left in his memory. For the first stage of the research, as it became known Magicforum and researchers attracted 266 participants. Test subjects were asked if they are nostalgic for the events that brought them joy the most. To think given a few minutes, and then they recorded the most pleasant moments are experienced. Immediately they answered the question of how much enjoyment they got from the memories and whether they feel nostalgia for it at the moment. The result was, the more positive emotions due to events in the past, the stronger was the sense of nostalgia in the time of the experiment.

The second stage of the experiment was intended to investigate the duration of feelings of nostalgia. This 122 University graduates were asked about student life and about the future in General. The result was that the stronger was the sense of nostalgia during the interview, the brighter and more beautiful they thought their own future.

At the third stage respondents were 66 students attending the graduation ceremony. They were asked about feelings in the last year. After 4-9 months, each subject was asked to recall whether they those student days, are experiencing any feelings how do you see the future. The final stage also gave evidence that a sense of nostalgia helps people to be optimistic about their future.

Psychologists advise to enjoy every moment of pleasant events and also to remember them in the future, immersed in the memories, to experience positive emotions.