Five signs of schizophrenia at an early stage

Find out schizophrenia as early as possible is important because the treatment of this disease will be more effective the faster man gets examined by a psychiatrist. According to experts, very often the signals of incipient mental illness are perceived as oddities of nature, and people come to doctors when the disease is already moving in a running stage.

Russian psychiatrists Krylatova Tatiana and Alexander Dreisin said, what are the first symptoms of schizophrenia. So, for example for schizophrenia typical pattern of a sharp decline in productivity at work. That person not so long ago done with passion and on time, suddenly absolutely ceased to worry him and work he doesn’t want, and the rest is absolutely meaningless, nothing-filled pastime (for example, a person all of the time just lying).

Another feature is the appearance of excessive irritability at the sight of what used to didn’t bother. Typically, these are household stuff, and the victims of increased aggression become close. Tellingly, the man himself can not clearly explain why ceases to control myself and make trouble over nothing.

There is also a number will impending schizophrenia include insomnia without apparent reason, in particular, despite attempts to deal with it. To the psychiatrist it is necessary to see if there had been no problems sleeping.

In addition, schizophrenia can speak the constant search for flaws in their appearance and associated with a strong desire to fix them, making plastic surgery (even if it is beyond their means). Often schizophrenia is reflected in the fact that people are increasingly beginning to be on the wave: he began to speak, uses meaningless words, and thus convinced that says clever and interesting.

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