To nausea, vomiting and muscle cramps can result from the use of incorrect dose of salt

Scientists from McMaster University in the new study found that nausea, vomiting and muscle cramps can result from the use of incorrect dose of salt. High and low levels of the mineral in the body leads to failures and various diseases.

The research staff say that salt is essential for the human body. It affects the nervous system and muscles of the body, but excessive consumption can lead to high blood pressure and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Also, sodium chloride is involved in maintaining proper fluid balance in cells. Scientists recommend adults a day to eat no more than 6 grams of salt. However, in today’s world not many people pay attention to it, increasing and reducing the dose. In the new study, nutritionists have shown that when salt intake less than 2 grams of people begin to suffer from different diseases.

At the same time, there is currently no evidence that people with a normal amount of salt intake required to reduce the dose for the prevention of heart disease and stroke.

With the use of products which contain potassium and sodium chloride, to maintain a good nervous-ness. Research staff noted that the problem of insufficient fluid to maintain the required level of sodium, the human body is able to inform themselves. Bloating and water retention – these are the first signs of too much use of salt. However, when high sweat sodium levels in the human body decreases and this can cause nausea and, and vomiting, and muscle cramps. Therefore, a man need as quickly as possible to remedy the lack of sodium.