Products that are dangerous to keep in the containers

American experts urge not to use the ubiquitous plastic utensils for storage of food reported in the journal Maximum. Some products, according to them, absolutely can not tolerate contact with components of plastic and at least lose their taste.

Experts have called products that do not keep in containers made of plastic. In particular, according to them, in such containers it is very dangerous to put hot dishes. At high temperatures, chemicals from the plastic to actively move the contents of the container. If there is no other alternative but to place the food in the container, it should be done strictly after it cools.

Also, experts point out, containers are not suitable for storing fresh eggs and egg dishes. They quickly increases the content of pathogenic bacteria, in particular Escherichia coli, Salmonella.

In addition, when stored in plastic containers of highly perishable milk and dairy products.

If you carry to work Lunches from home, keep in the plastic cutlets and chops – a plastic container spoils the taste and besides, they reduced the amount of nutrients. Almost the same applies to fresh salad of vegetables in containers, these products due to the interaction with plastic acids begin to quickly deteriorate.

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