The rejection of meat in danger of development of dangerous diseases

Experts recommend not to give up meat once and for all – a complete taboo on its use may result in very serious consequences for health. Total rejection of the meat, scientists say, increases the risk of cancer and autoimmune diseases, because this product contains vitamins, necessary for normal functioning of the human body.

Scientific experts emphasize that nutrients of animal origin are the human body the source of many important chemical compounds needed for normal function of internal organs and blood, about it writes portal Naked Science. Therefore, finally, remove the meat from the diet is dangerous. If a person does not eat meat and not worry about how to replace some of its counterparts, it can expect autoimmune diseases, problems with the muscular system, headaches, and other troubles with health, scientists warn.

Judging by the arguments of the researchers, the tradition of given up eating meat that emerged at the dawn of human civilization has survived to the present day is no accident. Only plant foods not contains a number of essential trace elements and can not compete with the meat for the right to be a diet. Ill-conceived rejection of the usual food can cause exacerbation of gastritis and development of stomach ulcers, reduced immunity, similar to our specialists.

But do not forget that the who ranked regular consumption of large amounts of meat and its products to carcinogenic factors. Eating meat should be strictly moderately.

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