Celibate: these stars have never been married.

Not all celebrities are exemplary family men. Someone has never been married. It is about these stars we now describe.

Gerard Butler

This is one of the most unapproachable actors of our time. Private life of 48-year-old Gerard almost inaccessible, though quite often it was noticed in the company of various Actresses and other media personalities. So, in 2007 there were rumors about the affair with Rosario Dawson, which Gerard often saw the light of day. However, authentic information about the relationship or not.

And in 2010, Butler began an affair with Jennifer aniston. Attempts to hide the relationship does not lead to anything — paparazzi rather quickly revealed “spies”. But marriage is never outgrown. The actor then met with various stars, including Laurie Koleva, Martin Rajic, Madaleno, Genea. It is the last girl Butler found to this day. Despite the fact that he was in a serious relationship before the wedding, it never came. Now he’s Dating Morgan brown, which bought a house together. Rumor has it that he is going to marry, but is it, time will tell.

Leonardo DiCaprio

43-year-old actor is famous for predilection for young models and famously transforms into movie roles. But boasts a family life, like Butler, can’t. The media are closely watching all spodvigli in his personal life. So, in the 90s he started Dating the blond and Danish model Helena Christensen, and many thought that their relationship will end in marriage. But, alas. Then beloved Leo was the Brazilian Gisele bündchen, and then again a model from Israel Bar Refaeli. The latter could be a wife, but to the altar never came.

In early 2010, î DiCaprio twisted romance with Blake lively and Erin Heatherton, and then began a relationship with German model Toni Garrn, Nina Agdal. With Agdal him began to notice in the spring of 2016, but the relationship never escalated into family life, although the actor is over 40.

“I admit, I’d like to be a father, but as for marriage, I’ll be honest — I’m not sure I will ever associate themselves with such ties. When I meet with another friend for some time, everything is fine, but too easy. But to live with someone constantly saddled with such a serious obligation, as the glory, seems to me extremely difficult,” admits Leonardo DiCaprio.

Hugh Grant

Many novels did not lead the charismatic handsome Hugh Grant down the aisle. So, he was Dating Elizabeth Hurley, relations with which lasted for 13 years. However, in 1995, the actor was caught with a prostitute with a car that, perhaps, seriously undermined the credibility of Hurley. However, then she was able to forgive Hugh, but then a couple still broke. The reason was the unwillingness of Hugh Grant to create a family.

After that Grant had briefly met with a few women, but none of them was able to change his mind about marriage. Among the novels — Martin McCutcheon, Amir Montgomery, Jemima Khan and others. In the end the heart of one of the bachelors among the stars dream to get hundreds of women around the world, but who knows, can someone take his hand and heart.

Al Pacino

Al Pacino has crossed 78 years old, but are still not tied with anyone knot. Although the actor became a father three times. So, in the late 60’s he met actress Jill Clayberg for five years, then began a romantic relationship with Diane Keaton, stayed with her for two years. The longest relationship al Pacino lasted eight years. Then his choice was actress Beverly D’angelo, who bore him twins. Then, a known passion of the actor was actress Lucia Sola.

And last year, the media reported about the readiness of al Pacino to marry. But beyond the promises and loud words did not get.

Matt Dillon

At 54 years old Matt one of their loved ones not banded. But it could, he had an affair even with Cameron Diaz. But Matt was a sex symbol among teenagers and young people. He was always secretive in terms of his personal life. Therefore, the only novel about which you know, was the relationship with Diaz. For three years they were together, and Cameron has stated publicly that crazy about this pretty boy. But, alas, the marriage is never over.

Owen Wilson

Now 49 years old the star of the film “Marley and me” and many other youth and romantic comedies. He even has two children by different women, but none of them he took to the altar. So, the actor was along with Kate Hudson, the gap which greatly influenced him — he even cut his wrists and swallowed pills. Short-term re-engagement in what have not resulted. Then Owen started Dating jade, Duell, who bore him a son. And the second time father came in 2014. Then it pleased with this trainer Caroline Lindqvist. However, the relationship with her also did not work. Now Wilson hopes to be able to find a beautiful and smart girl.

Matthew Perry

At 48, Matthew never showed his wife. Despite the fact that he played the role of a rough, though fun husband in “Friends”, tried on the role of father and husband he never did. As far as is now known, he never married, although in his piggy Bank had Affairs with the now famous celebrities. Once his passion was actress Julia Roberts, whom he started Dating after “Friends. But it is not known. After he started a relationship with actress Lizzy Caplan. They somehow managed to hide their relationship. Despite the successful and lasting relationships Matthew is still not Dating anyone. And fans seriously alarmed for his state Perry has ceased to follow the appearance and looks much older than his years. Will he manage to find a soul mate, time will tell.