New diet pill will help to make the stomach flat

Scientists have proved the ability of this diet pill to deal with excessive weight in the waist that occurs in middle age. It turned out that the pill makes the weight loss process three times more successful.

New diet pill will help millions of people battle with excessive weight in the waist area, which is sometimes jokingly referred to as a spare wheel. Scientists say that lorcaserin, which is called “the Holy Grail” in the fight against excess weight more effectively eradicate unwanted stocks under the skin than the diet itself. Is a pill for twice daily administration affects brain cells that control appetite. With age, these cells become less effective.

In the United States were study involving 12 000 people with excess weight, which showed that the host lorcaserin the volunteers lost on average 3 kg per year, which was more than three times more than one kg lost by the control group who simply followed the diet. And lost 3 kg and did not come back for at least three years, while continued observation. The most important thing is that lorcaserin was relatively safe, and this means that the health Ministry may soon give nod to its widespread use.

Some experts believe that this is a drug, the cost of a monthly rate which can be approximately 20 000, will be a valuable tool in the fight against the escalating obesity epidemic. Currently, victims of obesity is traditionally recommended to diet and exercise, and in severe cases are referred for surgery. (READ MORE)