Self-satisfaction: Why they talk especially with your Partner openly about it should

Over Masturbation is spoken quite open – men make jokes about women giving tips for Toys. However, in partnerships, the topic is mostly taboo, and is considered to be the solo sex, but often as a “competition”. FOCUS-Online expert Sigrid sun Holzer says, why this should change.

Most do it, hardly anyone talks about it – especially not in a partnership. 90 percent of men and 86 percent of women masturbate today regularly. And regardless of whether you are single or not, as a Meta-study from Sweden recently found out.

She examined how the Masturbation behavior has developed in the past decades worldwide. While the people had prior to the 1970s, sometimes even afraid, to satisfy themselves – for example, because you could be crazy and to avoid it for this very reason also, if possible, tried, loosened the setting in the following decades, obviously.

The Swedish researchers also found that the frequency of Masturbation changed in the course of a human life necessarily. This means: no Matter, whether young, single, in a partnership or married – do all the people in it. Non-Singles also reported to masturbate, not out of dissatisfaction with your Partner, but out of Lust. The team of researchers referred to self-gratification as an independent way to experience sexual pleasure.

First sexual experience with the self-satisfaction from acting in partnership

Masturbation is, for most people, the first sexual experience ever and helps you to learn the own body and its pleasure centers. The fact to be aware of their own erogenous zones well, of course, on the Couple of Sex.

The impartial dealing with this issue helps to be able to Partner with his desires and ideas of what a fulfilling sex life without fear.

Open discussions can enrich partnership

It is now regarded as obsolete, that self-gratification is in competition to the common Sex, or that it is a sign that the Partner is unable to provide a satisfied. The Solo Sex is not a stopgap, and not a Sexersatz, but he can be in a happy relationship of togetherness.

Interestingly, men’s speak easy with friends about this topic, the young women give each other tips, or go out together to buy sex toys. But talks within the partnership instead of just a few.

It is recommended that the see self-satisfaction as one of the diverse forms of sexuality. As soon as in a partnership, be open about it is spoken, it takes All the stealth and the feeling of guilt. Feelings of guilt there are two sides, of the one who practiced it and also of the one who thinks he can’t satisfy the Partner enough.

Masturbation can help to calm in the bed


In the case of a temporary lull in the bed of the “allowed” Masturbation can take away a lot of pressure.

Self-gratification is also in an intact relationship is completely normal and can even strengthen it. By the Masturbation, the Partner can balance different a strong interest in the Sex. You should complement in the ideal case, the Pair sexuality, however should not gain the upper hand and the Sex with the Partner, replace.

There is no “right” sexuality, which takes place inevitably in the physical Union. Self-satisfaction and partner’s sexuality should be relaxed to exist side by side.