8 products, need sedentary life

People who, because of work and sveiksanai have a lot of time to sit on a chair, doctors strongly recommend to include in the diet of these products.

In particular, sedentary lives must eat berries, experts say. Inactivity promotes the development of inflammatory processes in the body due to sluggish blood flow and insufficient in this regard, the nutrition of tissues. Many berries contain a large number flavonoidov – antioxidants are substances that are effectively fighting with inflammatory phenomena.

Also extremely useful nuts in the daily diet must be a handful of any nuts. This product contain beneficial fatty acids omega-3 in combination with a high level of fiber, this mix has a pronounced anti-inflammatory action on the intestine, especially suffering badly from prolonged sitting.

In addition, the owners of sedentary work will be useful to olive oil. According to experts, olive oil is proven to reduce the risks of developing diseases of the cardiovascular system, and also stimulates fat metabolism and helps not to gain weight.

In addition, when a sedentary lifestyle or are recommended ginger and garlic. Ginger has a high bronematerialov to treat inflammation and garlic substances allicin under the influence of which the body better control the fat and U.S. sugar.

Other useful products are pineapple and avocado. Components of pineapple benefit the metabolism, stimulate the body to actively use its own fat for energy. Avocado promotes the production of insulin, protecting it from raising blood sugar and the associated unpleasant consequences.

Good to eat those who spends a lot of time on the stool, oily fish – it contains no threat to the body TRANS fats, but a lot of useful fat needed by the body for active physiological functions.

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