How long is tap water? So risky stagnant water is really

The glass of water next to the bed, the water, the rest of yesterday in the kettle – a lot of drinking the next day, the others throw it away, because it could be contaminated. But what are the dangers of actually?

Water is a food and like any, it could be possibly bad. If the water is stale, it tastes namely stale and slightly sour. Everyone has had that experience before, for example with the SIP from a glass of water next to the bed that stood there overnight.

Tap water is not normally good conditions for germs

The risk to be sick, is minimal. Because our tap water contains neither protein nor sugar. Both nutrients when they decompose in the air, ferment, and good conditions for germs and mold. However, particles and bacteria contained in the air in a room can pollute the water. Best offer on

Water in warm air, increasing the risk

“Usually you can drink water from the night before, but it no longer tastes fresh. Better it is, the water will not open and unrefrigerated for hours“, confirmed Ina Bockholt of the Stiftung Warentest.

This would also be true for the Rest of yesterday in the kettle. Especially if the lid was on and the room warm, could be in the form of germs, warns the specialist editor for nutrition and health, which oversees the Tests on drinking water.

Self-bottled tap water on-the-go can the germ be the case

The same warning applies, by the way, also for bottled tap water. Many fill to home a drinking bottle with water and take with you for on-the-go. If the bottle then around in a hot car for hours, there is a risk that rapidly germs can form.

This danger is particularly great if the bottle has already been drunk. Then can have bacteria and viruses on the bottle’s edge and at the right temperatures, multiply rapidly.

Water can only run for a few seconds

Stagnant water is not so harmless, especially in the heat. “In General, you should drink water fresh drawn,” says Ina Bockholt and further recommends, “If it stand overnight in the line, it is good to leave it a few seconds to run. No stagnant water is flowing into the glass.“

Water, which was a few hours still in the line, it is a little warm. If then, for example, in the valves, the germs had, are solved by the micro-organisms in this water. Only if the water in the cooling flows from the faucet, it’s fresh, largely harmless and tastes good.

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Bottled water and shelf life – be careful, plastic

And how it looks with mineral water? Water in glass bottles usually has a minimum shelf life of two in plastic bottles a year. Once opened and/or in the heat, allowed to stand, should be emptied quickly. This is especially true for water in plastic bottles. Here hormone could solve similar substances from the plastic and into the water move. Important warning: The water tastes like plastic.

Video: pathogens: a glass of water stand over night FOCUS Online/Wochit Glass of water stand over night: a risk for health