Researchers warn of Cloxit: Eternal summer time makes us fatter, dumber and Gran tiger

The time change, abolish – to non-Germans only many. Also, scientists keep the Back and Forth nonsense. However, before the “Cloxit” warn you at the same time: Applies the summer time in the future, permanently, this could have bad effects for the health.

In the summer, an hour before, in the Winter, one hour back – a lot of people are suffering from the time change. The EU Commission intends to propose to abolish it. Scientists welcome this in principle. From your point of view is contrary to the artificial change of the biology talks. Many researchers, however, warn against the permanent introduction of daylight saving time – you can have fatal consequences.

84 percent of the participants against the time change

In a non-representative Online survey conducted by the EU-Commission had voted 84 percent of the 4.6 million participants against the time change. Joined less than one percent of the EU citizens. Alone, three million responses came from Germany. Most of them were for a permanent summer time.

The most dramatic words to Till Roenneberg from the Institute for Medical psychology of the University of Munich. You have to go in and the clocks year-round summer time, it’ll give huge problems, he warns against the Cloxit.

It increases the likelihood for Diabetes, depression, sleep and learning problems – that is to say, we Europeans are getting fatter, dumber and Gran tiger.

Any country that has the power, will overtake us academically

The Chronobiology predicts also: Every country in the power, will overtake us academically. Because all students are affected to process because Learning and the lessons learned in too little sleep greatly restricted. At the age of about 20 years, the need for sleep is also the largest. Russia have ever tried to permanently change the summer time – and it was a failure, says Roenneberg.

When there is a permanent summer time, you need to significantly more days in the Dark to get up, says Roenneberg: Depending on your place of residence, you have six weeks more dark ways to School in the morning. He criticized that the Online survey was largely done without the enlightenment.

When EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker had said that we will have to work all year round an hour earlier, would have been the people on the street. However, it is nothing else. Ingo Fietze of the Charité hospital in Berlin says: There is none think about at the Moment because it’s summer and light outside. If the survey would have been in the Winter, would probably have argued a lot for the winter time.

Error in the Job, and more accidents

The researchers and the German society for sleep research and sleep medicine (DGSM) for a permanent standard time. The previous winter period complies with the conditions, the rhythm taking into account the natural light influences our sleep-Awake-the best, says the DGSM-Chairman Alfred Wiater. When we are exposed to in the Winter, in the Morning, longer in the darkness, we are worse awake, says Wiater. This could affect concentration and attention, and lead to more errors in the school and in the Job as well as accidents favor.

Social Jet Lag

Light and darkness determine our internal clock when we are awake and when we are tired. The Problem is: few Germans can adapt to this natural rhythm. Her daily routine is determined by the so-called social time. The majority, therefore, need a morning alarm clock to be on time at work or in school. Roenneberg calls social jet lag.

If it is the summer time, longer in the evening light, the production of the Sleep neurotransmitter Melatonin until later. You won’t be tired, but in the morning, still early out of bed. With sleep threatening to defect, we will be even more to a chronic unausgeschlafenen, sleep-deprived society, said sleep researcher Hans-Günter – recently, the star.

Sleep disturbances, malaise, or gastrointestinal problems

Also, the changeover of the watch as in the past, for many people problems, and how long these persist varies with the individual. A third of the Germans are gifted sleeper. Not interested in any of this. One-third are bad and one-third sensitive sleepers, said Fietze. And this suffered from the Back-and-Forth as a jet lag. Usually you will need for an hour shift a day for getting used to – it may take some two or three days.

The symptoms such as sleep disturbances, feeling unwell on the day or slight gastro-intestinal problems were manageable, Fietze. Major medical problems were not known to him. Nevertheless, the watch changeover was nonsense: all Our circadian rhythms is the Light-Dark-change is adjusted. To manipulate artificially, makes no sense and the the body does not understand.

Stress for the organism

Also DGSM-chief Wiater says: Especially the first three days after the time change are stressful for our body. The pointing to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. Usually you find after a week of his new rhythm. In some people it can take several weeks, especially if for other reasons the sleep-Wake rhythm is disturbed.

He assumes that about a quarter of the population has problems with the time change. In the spring it is for most people, worse than in the autumn. Because you are creating a sleep deficit – is one hour. Basically, many of the mental factors played in – and by sleeping disorders. You have sleep problems, deteriorate in the atmosphere. Stress and sleep were very close together, says Roenneberg: If you have a lot of Stress, you need good sleep in order to cope with this. If you do not get it, the Stress is even greater.

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On the night of 28. October will be turned back watches back

A study by the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg according to the Clocks move will reduce on the summer time temporarily even life satisfaction. The reason: in Addition to the physical jet lag, the people in their sovereignty have felt in dealing with the time cut. In the second week after the changeover, the satisfaction, therefore, return to your original level. The position in the autumn therefore has no measurable effects.

Would help more flexible working hours. Fixed times between 9 and 17 PM are nowadays only in very few industries is necessary, says Roenneberg. A Change here is much more important than this quick shot, all the year round the summer time.

However, The next changeover will take place in any case. On the night of 28. October turned the clocks back an hour back.