The U.S. government has recognized the mobile app method of contraception

Management on control over foodstuff and drug administration (FDA) allowed the application for contraceptive Natural Cycles to enter the American market. And in the European Union, it has certified a year ago.

How it works?

In the core of the application is the calendar method. Its essence is to calculate an ovulation, from the ovary enters the egg. During this period, the chances to conceive increases. On the occurrence of ovulation can also learn to increase body temperature by 0.5 degrees.

For 64,99 dollar you get a year’s subscription, as well as a special thermometer that measures temperature up to hundredths. It can be delivered to almost any corner of the world, including in Russia. And then you need every morning to drive your performance into the app. Based on these data, Natural Cycles calculates the period in which you want to abstain or to use condoms. This is usually about 10 days per cycle: ovulation is the period in which the spermatozoa deposited in the female body before, remain alive.

It reliably?

This is a controversial issue. The developers of the app say that when used properly he has a 93% efficiency. Statistics are based on clinical studies, which involved more than 22 thousand women.

However, the calendar method is known for a very long time, and gynecologists will evaluate it as unreliable (about 75% efficiency). The fact that not all women have a perfect cycle, and ovulation always comes on time. Stress, medications, infections, hormonal disorders – many factors can bring down the cycle to knock down quietly for you.

In Sweden, 37 of 668 patients who have had an abortion in one of the main clinics in the country in the fall of 2017, was accused of unwanted pregnancy in Natural Cycles.

However, representatives of the FDA are not confused. The assistant Director of women’s health at the FDA, Terry Cornelison said that any method of contraception is not perfect. Therefore, pregnancy can occur even with proper use of the application.

And how is it popular?

2 years Natural Cycles scored an audience of 625 thousand people around the world. App often advertise bloggers on instagram and on YouTube: the main focus is on the fact that it is a natural, non-hormonal protection against unwanted pregnancy.

“Electronic contraception” is particularly successful with women who profess Catholicism. The calendar is the only method of birth control (other than complete abstinence), which recognizes the Catholic Church.

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