Survey Says 97% Of People Who've Hit On Someone At The Gym Have Been Successful

If you’re only using the gym to improve your physical (and mental) health you’re missing out on a prime pick up opportunity, according to a new study.

A survey of 1,000 people by (obvs not peer-reviewed research, people) has found that a whopping 97% of respondents reckon they’ve successfully scored a date while working out.

And you know that guy who’s always snapping selfies of his #gains in the mirror? Unsurprisingly, he’s 2.3 times more likely to attempt to crack on. Probably while you have your earphones in and you’re determinedly avoiding his hawk-like gaze.

Plus there’s good news for those who harbour a secret crush on their personal trainer – it’s probably a win for their physique. They were found to exercise more frequently and for longer intervals.

But no getting handsy, k? Nearly half of women were uncomfortable when someone other than a physical trainer touched them at a gym, compared with only 11 percent of men.

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