No quackery: Normal food soda can help cancer cells to kill

The principle sounds as incredible as it is simple: baking soda, an ingredient of baking powder, a chemical reaction cancer hidden activate cells, and thus for the chemotherapy again. The showed a study by New York-based Ludwig Institute for cancer research.

Researchers from the New York based Ludwig Institute for cancer research have conducted a study where they took a typical tumor property of the chemical reaction of “baking soda”, the US Version of the baking powder, together.

A Tumor becomes larger, it interrupts the blood supply to the cells in its Interior. They switch off and exist only in hiding. Liquid soda could Wake up in a laboratory test exactly these inactive cells, and activate it. Which sounds dangerous, but an advantage is that The cells can in fact turn it back to a tangible goal of chemotherapy, which is dormant most of the cells do not reach.

So bicarbonate of soda acts on the cells

The Wirkgeheimnis is based on the ability of baking soda to neutralize acids, and to the fact that the pH-value changes, if their oxygen supply is interrupted. You will not be upset, work, and go to the slumber state. Baking soda reduces the acidity of these cells, you Wake up and are a good target for chemotherapy.

Study Director Chi Van Dang sees it as an equally effective and cheap method, dangerous dormant cancer cells to attack and eliminate. A successful attack on dormant cancer cells is so important, because they are probably responsible for the fact that cancer often comes back even after many years. So far, he has tested the effect of in water dissolved soda – but only in mice with breast and colorectal tumors.

In the journal “Cell” published the study contributes to the explanation of why the effect of immune therapy against cancer is better when accompanying the baking powder is administered. This observation was made a Co-author of the current study, without being able to interpret them.

The influence on the pH-value may also be the explanation for this is that baking soda will reduce the inflammation in osteoarthritis. One of the earlier this year published a study. After two weeks, the patients who had been drinking with soda enriched water had fewer immune cells, the inflammation is advancing, in the blood.