In the US boom of electronic cigarettes among young people. And we?

The U.S. government was seriously concerned about: the prevalence of e-cigarettes among young people has reached such a level that talking about the epidemic. But as is the case in our country? And how justified is the concern for the younger generation? After all, the electronic cigarette, at first glance, absolutely harmless. But only at first glance.

The scale of the problem

In the United States over the last six months the number of cases of the use of electronic cigarettes among high school students increased by 75% compared with the same period in 2017. The data provided by the Office for quality control of food and medicine. The Ministry plans to start a decisive struggle against those who sell VAPI minors.

Statistics from the Ministry of health of Russia testifies that in our country electronic cigarettes “dabble” more than 8% of the students. And in General, among active users of wapow a lot more young people than in other European countries – 33% vs. 19% in Italy. But is it dangerous?

Addictive is the withdrawal

Electronic cigarettes were originally invented for those people who want to quit Smoking. With their help, it was easier to give up tobacco, maintaining a pleasant “ritual of Smoking”. But it works for those who smoked regular cigarettes, and smoked a lot.

Canadian researchers studied the behavior of teenagers who “wapet” at the age of 14-15 years. And found that they are driven by a very different motive: they buy electronic cigarette to “try something cool.” And many of them or tried Smoking a regular cigarette, or they have not formed the habit of tobacco.

Thus, invented to get rid of bad habits, the electronic cigarette itself is becoming a habit for young people. And then it is also necessary to refuse at will.

Is there a danger?

Dangerous are electronic cigarettes and what it is, found the national Academy of Science and Medicine in the USA. In January 2018 published a report, based on data from 800 documents and scientific papers from around the world. The report contained the following conclusions:

In General, electronic cigarettes less harmful than regular. But to call them completely harmless is impossible. The researchers note that:

  • most e-cigarettes contain and emit a variety of potentially toxic substances. In addition, through the electronic cigarette, the user gets a certain amount of nicotine
  • with full replacement of conventional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes reduces the impact of harmful substances
  • the use of electronic cigarettes leads to the appearance of symptoms of dependence from them
  • the use of e-cigarettes by youth and young adults increases the likelihood that they will ever use and conventional cigarette is also

And in addition, it is known that electronic cigarettes can explode and cause burns. This risk increases significantly when the “smoker” is using poor quality batteries or wrong and keeps. So maybe if you never smoked, not worth trying?

But what happens when you quit Smoking, read more here.