West Nile Virus also in Germany: What you need to know about the deadly tropical fever

The tropical West-Nile-fever called for in southern Europe in this year, 71 deaths. Now, the mosquito-borne disease in Germany. So far, only a few birds have died. FOCUS Online asked the experts, what is the danger for people in this country.

When in Germany, three birds die, it is usually not a topic for the news. In this case, however, because the animals came through the West Nile Virus to death. This means that a pathogen has arrived in us, made in South and South – Eastern Europe this year already 800 people sick, and 71 of them killed.

Because of the fear that two dead Bartkäuzen and a dead hawk soon a disease wave in humans. You should now know about West Nile Virus, and fever.

Where does the West Nile Virus?

The pathogen was first detected in Uganda, in the Region of West Nile. In the meantime, the pathogen is present in large Parts of Africa, Asia and southern Europe. In the 1990s, he even made the leap across the Atlantic and is now widely used in the United States. Also in Germany there have been isolated cases of West Nile fever. All the victims had been infected, according to the Robert Koch-Institute in foreign countries.

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How is the exciter?

The Virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. The don’t have to be tropical animals, such as the Asian tiger mosquito. Also, all of the domestic mosquitoes can give you West Nile virus, if you have previously stung by an infected animal. After Germany, the West Nile Virus is in all probability of the migratory birds introduced, which had infected somewhere in the South.

I can when an Infected infect?

The Virus affects mainly birds but can also infect horses and humans. “For an infection it needs to, however, is always the way via infected mosquitoes,” says Kristin scarf of the audience from the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut. A person-to-person is excluded.

How is West Nile fever?

The West Nile Virus does not necessarily lead to a disease. In 80 percent of the Infected show no symptoms at all. At 20 percent it comes to flu-like complaints with a, sometimes with high fever and a slight rash. After three to six days, the symptoms subside, in some cases, the West Nile fever can last up to twelve days.

For whom is this West Nile fever dangerous?

Severe courses of the disease are almost only in people with pre-existing medical conditions or a weakened immune system. Then it comes not only to a high fever, but often to inflammation in the brain (encephalitis). The disease can be fatal.

How big is the risk of contagion in Germany?

Both the Robert Koch-Institute, infectious diseases in humans in the eye, as well as the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute, the animal diseases and the Transmission of infectious diseases from animal to human being observed currently as well as no danger for people in Germany, with the West Nile Virus to infect.

How can I protect myself?

A vaccine is not available. When traveling in affected areas – in Greece, around the Peloponnese and the area is to the East of Athens – only the usual protection from mosquitoes like mosquito net or Repellent. Experts recommend bug spray, as it is also for travel in the tropics are suitable.

How is it more now with the West Nile Virus?

The Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut assumes that it remains in Germany, first in single cases of infected birds. “With the cool autumn weather and the end of the mosquito season is going to do the theme for this year anyway,” says Kristin Scarf on the project. “The pathogen is generally not very durable and can hold through the Winter.”

Whether the West-Nile-Virus in Germany permanently, you can therefore at the earliest in the next summer to determine if mosquitoes are on the move.