Mite species, Occurrence and control of

  • House dust mites are normally harmless to humans, their droppings can cause allergies.
  • Against house dust mites, regularly Wash the bedding at 60 degrees Celsius helps.
  • Other types of Mites such as, for example, hair follicle mites affect the health directly and may cause severe itching.
  • Itch mites cause scabies, scabies is called, the notifiable infectious diseases.

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Different Types Of Mites

The most famous is the house dust mite, followed by hair follicle mites, grass mites and itch mites. The house dust mite is detrimental to the people through their excretions, with the three other mites attack the people directly”.”

House dust mites

Actually, the house dust mites are absolutely harmless. You will not harm us. What can harm us, however, are their excrement. The house dust mite is not visible with the naked eye. You with its size of 0.1 to 0.5 millimeters in our bed wide, and we see you.

The precipitates are, however, one of the most important allergens that are in the house. Unfortunately, the mites don’t ask, before you can be in our homes. You will feel comfortable in the bed, on mattresses, in bedding, in pillows, carpets, and even stuffed animals. And what is the worst part – the penibelste Hygiene may not distribute the pests.

In the jargon they are referred to as so-called Dermatophagoides, which means “skin eater”. They feed shed on the loved ones of human skin. But also molds belong to eat of their delicacies. Such a little mite can live for up to 100 days of age. These animals live by the Thousands in one gram of house dust – which is inconceivable, and, if you think about it, already loathing and itching can cause.

As already mentioned, the life of mites on loved one in bed. There it is cozy and warm, the humidity is perfect and we humans deliver to our skin flakes, your favorite food, per adult is about 1.5 grams daily.

House dust Allergy

Alone the existence of tiny living beings does not affect us humans. However, the small excretions of the mites, more specifically, the protein components of faeces that can trigger an Allergy. This Form of Allergy is very common. The feces of the mites dries out and turns to dust. The swirls breathes through the air and will, which can have Sneezing, red eyes and a stuffy nose. A allergic Asthma is also possible.

Tips to reduce house dust mites

The house dust mites, or their excreta, may be removed by Washing in the washing machine at 60°C. Stuffed animals that cannot tolerate this high temperature, to be frozen for at least a whole day.

The temperature in the bedroom should not exceed 18°C, since the mites prefer a warm climate. It is important that the housing remains dry – so better humidifier without. The mattress should be regularly, will be replaced at least after eight years. Special mite covers for mattress, duvet and pillows offer protection against the small beasts.

Even if in the summer, fans or small air conditioners to be placed in the bedroom, so this is counterproductive. Even more dust is stirred up.

The bedding, but the duvet and the pillow should be at a minimum of 60°C washed.

A moist, regular Mopping of the apartment is to be recommended. In the bedroom is not the best on curtains, bookshelves, and decorative materials. These are all additional dust collector. Also, so that the sweat is absorbed, to recommend in the night Wearing a sleep suit.

In the commercial mite sprays are available that make the skin shed for the mites inedible meal. Do you prefer Sprays with natural ingredients, such as, for example, Mahalin (obtained from cold-pressed Oil of the neem tree).

You try to get by without a dust-catcher in the apartment such as carpets, carpet flooring and curtains. Stuffed animals are best washed regularly in the washing machine. Since a temperature of 60°C is necessary, it is often not possible. Then the favorites can spend a day in the freezer.

Hair follicle mites

Hair follicle both humans and animals annoy can mites. These mites live in the hair follicles. They are transparent and they feed on sebum. Especially the face, especially the nose, but also other parts of the body like the head, the legs, the eyelids, the nose or even genitals are the places where a hair follicle mite.

These little beasts are common, especially with age. You can’t live without their host, harming it in General, but also, and Most never realize of their existence. You be passed on through contact on the Face or on the bedding.

Many hair follicle mites are, for example, to the lower or upper eyelids, this can lead to swelling, inflammation and itching. The researchers are not sure whether or not other skin diseases such as acne or Rosacea by the presence are favored by hair follicle mites.

Grass mites

Grass mites (also autumn mites) live in the dry Grass, waiting in the first line on Nage or Pets – and people – and to bite. More specifically, the larvae of which injure with your they can literally turn witnesses of the top layer of skin and provide it with their saliva that is then for the itching responsible. Then little red welts and severe itching that can persist for up to two weeks to develop.

Usually, these hives are harmless, but they can become infected, especially in children, by strong Scratching. This belongs in the Hand of a doctor. To satisfy the itch, helps the Dabbing with 70% alcohol. Also itching will be prescribed to breastfeeding gels.

From the nature of the healing is to Apply a pure Aloe Vera gel, DAB it with colloidal silver or RUB with coconut oil helps. If it is only a few stitches, they can be a high-quality tea tree oil or lavender oil exchanges. Against the itching, the homeopathic remedy Rhus toxicodendron helps.

Of the grass, especially dogs, cats and rodents are infested with mites. Usually the infestation is not bad, but a lot of dogs, for example, respond with a massive itch, they bite, sometimes bloody, ignite, and then the dog to the vet. Depending on the severity preparations are prescribed against itching and inflammation. May recommend a special Shampoo. Natural products with neem oil, coconut oil or black cumin oil.

From may to October, you should inspect after each walk your four-legged friend. Mites were at work, this is by reddish scabs visible. This can easily be removed with warm water. The grass mites do not attack in the first place, prescribe by veterinarians to chemical agents.

Who would not want to use these attacks to natural products that contain lemon eucalyptus. Helpful also the Rubbing of the coat with coconut oil. The mites don’t like the dogs but even more so. The dogs are treated before the walk. The important Points of the abdomen, the area between the toes and behind the ears.

Itch mites

Due to the itch mites is a skin disease that causes scabies, or scabies, is. The Name scabies is derived from the word “scabere” = “starting from scratch”. The small parasites that dig small gears in the skin, in which they hide. In adults particularly, as the area between the fingers and toes, the armpits and the genital area is not infested. In infants and small children the scalp and the inner surfaces of the hands and feet.

The main symptom is the almost unbearable itching. The skin is reddened, scaly, and with small pustules covered. Under the microscope the reddish-brown mites passages to discover. The persons Concerned should always consult a doctor. This prescribed Anti-mite preparations as creams or ointments, and possibly a oral therapy.

Contagion, and treatment of scabies

The virus is transmitted by direct contact with the skin, such as intense Hug, Sleep in the same bed, close together in life, sexual intercourse, common, tight Play, and the common Use of towels. Only about two to five weeks after infection the first symptoms occur. Itch mites are distributed worldwide, need for their Survival in a host, in this case, the people. Without this, you can exist for up to two days in bedding, carpets, upholstery and Blankets.

Scabies occurs in an community body, such as, for example, a Kindergarten, this must be immediately reported to the health Department, because it is one of the so-called infectious diseases, which fall under the reporting obligation. All the involved persons, which are in contact with the Sufferers, must also be considered.

Scabies is a disease that usually occurs only there, where many people stay together such as nursing homes, Refugee housing, kindergartens, and the like. But even in the dirty, cheap-accommodation, a distribution is possible. Those who suffer from a weakened immune system, can become infected easier.

Through the Use of Anti-mite agents, the mites should be killed in the skin. However, some of these drugs have strong side effects. In children, Pregnant and lactating women must be treated very carefully. The course of the disease is checked regularly by the doctor.

Even if these pests are successfully eliminated, itching and of the skin remain changes for a few weeks. This is called post-infectious eczema. Components of the parasites can cause in the skin persist and thus an inflammatory reaction. This is treated with anti-inflammatory ointments or creams.

The Natural medicine keeps the homeopathic remedy Psorinum and sulphur for the treatment of scabies at the ready. Externally applied a five percent tea tree or lavender oil helps. A common home remedy is Dabbing the affected areas with a vinegar and water solution.

General tips for itch mites infestation

In addition to drug therapy, should not necessarily be carried out further measures in order for the mites to spread. Bed linen, pillows, towels and underwear must be washed regularly at 60° C. The things that can not be washed, to be stuffed for at least four days in a plastic bag. Upholstery and carpets are daily vacuumed thoroughly.

In General, the persons to be treated with an Anti-mite agents are not, for eight to twelve hours after that contagious. By the appropriate, properly conducted therapy, the itch mites are killed. Only in the case of a weakened immune system, complicated waveforms are possible.

The Bark Scabies

The bark scabies (Scabis norvegica,) is a special Form of scabies, in the case of the mostly immunocompromised individuals suffering from a massive mite infestation. The risk of Infection increases with the number of mites. Thus for each individual skin scales, which loses a bark scabies Diseased can be fraught, with several Thousand mites. These victims are isolated, and the nurses have to wear protective clothing, because the bark scabies is highly contagious.


In the case of recurrent allergic reactions, infected skin after the mites bite, and especially in the case of suspicion on a scabies-a disease should necessarily consult a doctor. Any medications are needed. Just in case of scabies must be taken quickly, all may be Affected must be treated as quickly as possible to mitigate the spillover. (sw)