Facebook Banned This AMAZING Birth Photo And People Are Pissed

Even though we’ve all been there, very few of us actually got to see what it looked like when we came out of our mother’s vagina. But now, thanks to this beautiful photo, we are all able to relive that experience.

Unfortunately, Facebook disagrees, and has taken down the photo and banned the account of doula and childbirth photographer, Morag Hastings, for 30 (unnecessary) days. 

“The image that I posted was within Facebook’s guidelines,” Hastings, owner of Apple Blossom Families, says on her blog. “The image did not contain ‘fully exposed buttocks,’ ‘genitals’ or a ‘sexual act,’ which are what Facebook’s guidelines say they restrict. I also got a message that my page would be unpublished but at this point it is still up.”

This makes us wonder how something as natural and beautiful as childbirth is being categorized as sexual and offensive.

“#Liberated + #Confidence. These are words that describe Kim Kardashian West when she posts images of her beautiful body on Facebook…Trust me, with that much traffic these images are getting reported but somehow they are still up…,” Hastings writes. “I wish my clients and other women could feel #Liberated and have #Confidence with their unsexual birth images.”

The woman in the photo (who wishes to remain anonymous) told Hastings that these photos are resources for nervous/excited/curious expectant mothers. She says this incident is further evidence that we need to be further exposed to what childbirth actually looks like, rather than keep it a shrouded in shame.

“Obviously the photo of our child being born makes some people uncomfortable, and I completely understand that,” she shares on Hastings’ blog. “However, how can we become more comfortable with images of birth if we don’t see them and we’re told they are disgusting and gross and that we should be ashamed of ourselves for sharing them?”

Hastings says that since the post went viral, she’s received lots of messages on her website saying the image inspired them to try standing birth or catching their own baby.

And yeah, that makes sense. Because in our opinion, Facebook and anyone else who’s offended by this picture need to realize it isn’t gross, sexual, or outrageous. It’s badass.

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