A time to love: how often people have sex

Thinking about the intimate lives of others with envy? It seems that they have sex much more frequent and varied? Don’t worry, they’re about you think the same thing.

Dry statistics

Experts from the marketing company Ipsos asked the British and Americans question: how many times a month their compatriots have sex? Participants from both countries responded that the young men do it on average 14 times. Women attributed more inspirational figures: 22 times per month in the UK and 23 times in the United States.

These figures are greatly at odds with reality. Studies show that in fact the British happens about five sexual acts per month, and the Americans have four.

According to Mintel, only 3% of people in the UK have sex every day. But do not envy them: the scientists note that this data is taken with a grain of salt. People tend to FIB about their sexual achievements , even in anonymous surveys.

Where is the discrepancy?

These studies demonstrate a disturbing tendency: we are embarrassingly ignorant about sex.

Intimate life is hidden from prying eyes. From where we can get information about how other people make love? Porn, stories of friends, from gossip. In all this there is a little truth and much exaggeration, but we tend to believe them. Men think that women orgasm enough penetration they saw in a porn movie. Women believe that they should want sex 7 times a week – because they write on the forums that otherwise they will change.

In the same study, participants were asked: how many sexual partners over a lifetime, sometimes heterosexual people aged 45-54 years. And then the answers are pretty strange: the number that called women, 2 times less than what men think. 27 against 13. This is statistically impossible. Most likely, men overestimate the number according to how much they should be partners and women underreport.

Is there any frame? How often should I have sex?

In 2017 have been an interesting study by American scientists. They found that the greatest satisfaction comes from intimacy, from having sex every 2-3 days. According to the authors, to have sex more often meaningless: it just will not bring the same enjoyment.

Them could argue with colleagues from the University of Florida. In 2015, they said to indulge in passion and need as frequently as once a week. And explained: two, three or even four times a week pleasure becomes two, three, four times. It just shares all these times. And then decreases, because the partners just tired.

Anyway, it turns out that more is not better. And right was Freud when he said that the only serious deviation in sex can be considered only by its complete absence, and all the rest – a matter of taste.

If this article has encouraged you, now will have to upset. According to scientists at the University of Cambridge over the past 30 years the number of sexual acts worldwide have been 3 times. Who is to blame and what to do? Looking for answers in the article “Why people have less sex?”.