Creams, Laser or peels? So you get rid of unsightly age spots again

A life in the sun not only makes wrinkled, it is also pigment stains, signed on back of hands, temples and décolleté. They are almost always harmless, but because they are a clear signs of aging, want to get rid of a lot of people. So it works out.

The skin of babies is flawless: the plump, velvety soft and smooth. 60 years later, 90 percent of people have liver spots and pigment disorders, which are also referred to correctly as uncharming as age spots.

Unlike the congenital moles, or the rare but eye-catching-fire times, include age spots to the acquired pigmentary changes of the skin. Trigger the UV rays of the sun. The scientific name is “Lentigo solaris” – in reference to the Latin words for “lens” and “sun”.

Age spots are mainly in Places that are exposed to over the years, often in the sun. Face, neck and especially the back of the hand of the elderly are often dotted with pale brown dots, the appearance of sprouts, such as oversized summer or just like the lenses.

Harmless cosmetic flaw

From a medical point of view, age spots are not a Problem. The selective accumulation of the Skin pigment Melanin, is considered a harmless cosmetic blemish, in which there is no cancer danger lurks.

A skin doctor should, however, regularly throw a glance on all of the changes to the skin. There is a certain Form of skin cancer, which looks at first like an age spot. Similarity may also consist of an early form of white skin cancer, actinic keratosis,.

The Munich-based Dermatologist Marion Moers-Carpi has to do in their practice on a daily basis with skin changes that are not eliminate all of them so harmless and easy to as age spots. “The term I don’t like Yes at all. Although in addition to the predisposition, skin type, and sun exposure, age also plays a role for the Hyper pigmentation.“

High-light protection, prevents pigment spots

Can prevent the blotchy aged skin due to consistent protection from the sun. Face and hand creams should be provided for the whole year with a high sun protection factor (SPF). It is important that the protection in addition to the UVB radiation, the UVA component of sunlight covers.

“From the dermatologists point of view, the real sun begins protection in any case only in SPF 50,” says Moers-Carpi, and recommends a nourishing, moisturizing skin cream plus sun protection. “The light protection works particularly well if the skin is well moisturized.” Pigment stains are there, they disappear again, in the Winter, at most slightly paler.

Creams the spots fade?

Who to bleaching uses home remedies to make age spots disappear, with the result rarely satisfied and, in the worst case of skin damage. Of funds, such as lemon juice or vinegar to the dermatologist strongly advises against: “Anything that is acid that attacks the skin.” Then it can also happen, that the dark spots permanently white Spots are, because the pigmentation is destroyed.

The over-the-counter cosmetics contain low concentrations of active Ingredient that you to lighten the spots at most, but rarely disappear. Aggressive bleaching creams have serious side effects. “The best-known bleaching substance, hydroquinone should only be used on prescription and about in Pregnant women have not applied prescribed, because he seems to be embryo-toxic,” says Moers-Carpi.

Scrubs are okay, a Laser have a better effect

In addition to bleaching substances are various methods to combat pigmentation spots and make the dermatologist. As out of date in the form of Dermabrasion, i.e., abrading of the skin. The icing, cryotherapy, holds at least the skin doctor Moers-Carpi: It comes with both methods, quickly to permanent white Spots on the skin.

Chemical peels with fruit acids that renew the whole of the upper layer of the skin and the Melanin concentrations. The method provides in the case of large pigment disorders. An example of this is the Melasma, a Hyperpigmentation of the face due to hormonal influences. In the case of Pregnant women and women preventing with the pill, turns then usually the skin on the temples, forehead, cheeks and around the mouth. Sunlight enhances the shading.

This Hyper-pigmentation remains but rarely permanently. With the end of the pregnancy or after the anti-baby pill verb Deduct the Points gradually.

Laser delete any old stain

“The modern and most elegant method for the removal of pigment spots is today, but the Laser”, says the dermatologist. “Depending on the coloring of the Hautmals, so rather dark brown, or reddish, we use different lasers for the destruction of the pigments in the skin.” Most of the CO2 Laser, the Fraxel Laser and the “Q-switched NdYag”Laser. On the treated areas scab, which falls off after seven to ten days first forms. The new skin is rosy and then reaches the same shade as the surroundings.

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The sun should be once taboo. The young skin is very sensitive, it can come under the influence of light also to discoloration, which can make the laser procedure nothing. The treatment is best performed in autumn or Winter. Strong sun protection is recommended, then in the long term. There is however, no guarantee that the treated Area is not new pigment spots.

Who wants to let the stains tell the aging, remove the, can not hope for a reimbursement by the health insurance. You would only be responsible if there is a risk that a Hautmal cancer could arise.