Back pain, heartburn, exhaustion: The signs of a Burnout

Who has a good Job, a family and friends, has every reason to enjoy life. Nevertheless, a Burnout occurs when more and more people. Why is it so important, how to recognize the symptoms and, where appropriate, against taxes, said the chief physician of a Psychiatric clinic in the Interview.

The birth of a strong 50-plus Generation is considered to be highly satisfied, relaxed, and healthy demographic group. However, as statistics show, is just affected often of a Burnout. What is the reason?

Thorsten Bracher: there are a number of reasons. The fear that technical progress can not keep up, the duty of constant accessibility and the fear of denunciation are just some of the essential points. In addition, other factors such as rising productivity pressure and the simultaneous loss of motivation. All of this can lead to high pressure and the “large” sense, triggers are often questions and even identity crises, the whole of life into question. This substantial Stress with maximum exhaustion of personal energy resources, limited time only field. A Burnout is often just a matter of time.

About the guest author

Andreas Brenneke for several clinics in the professional media work. Focus of his editorial activity are health issues, particularly in the areas of orthopedics, Psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy, as well as dentistry. Prior to that, he worked for many years as a freelance Journalist.

About the expert

Thorsten Bracher is in charge of the chief physician of the castle Park clinic Dirmstein, Rheinland-Pfalz. The specialist in Psychosomatic medicine, psychiatry and psychotherapy specializes in sleep disorders, depression, anxiety disorders and stress disorders like chronic exhaustion (burnout) and psychosomatic complaints.

Lazy people are protected from?

Bracher: it is true that in the first place is very achievement-oriented people are affected. Those who approach it in a more relaxed and less ambitious, will of course reduce expectations and pressure to perform. But regardless of the causes, the spectrum is much more diverse and complex. Not infrequently, people fall, for example, by long unemployment, the intensive care of a sick person it comes from relatives or other family problems under very high pressure, to mental disorders such as Burnout.

What are the typical alarm signals?

Bracher: Usually shows a chronic state of Exhaustion, when the usual Recovery time for the regeneration is not longer sufficient: insomnia, restlessness, reduced efficiency, feelings of Emptiness and listlessness are common signs. Unwind and Relax not succeed. Social withdrawal, diminishing empathy and Resignation to Depression can be the result. But also stomach and back pain, heartburn, or Tinnitus have, in some cases, to a Burnout.

What exactly is a Burnout?

Bracher: Under a Burnout, we mean an in-depth, both physical as well as mental state of Exhaustion. Usually preceded by prolonged Overload and excessive demands. Alone, an excessive workload is not the Problem. Rather, it is a feeling of powerlessness, loss of Control, and the senselessness of it all.

What are the factors that are out of the professional in the emergence of a factor?

Bracher: Here, several factors play a role. In Essence, the plant – and education-related personality characteristics, the own life story and Experience, as well as stressful situations in the family environment or of the partnership – which is usually not the unique high load is vital, but rather long-term Overloads.

What can Affected parties do?

Bracher: Many of those Affected shy away from help. A medical or psychological consultation, may suggest the beginning of a therapy is not a sign of weakness or Failure, but responsibly.

What are the primary treatment goals?

Bracher: it is the goal with the patient with an optimum personal way to find, in the future without the health problems with pressure and handle Stress. This includes also to check your own claims to yourself. Because the excessive demand comes not only from the outside.

As a “collapse of one’s own life” to avoid?

Bracher: First, the own load limits to be aware of. So be careful, these limits and to constantly go beyond. Always a duty, never had the pleasure – so it should be. Compensation to high loads, be they personal or business in nature, is important, social contacts and interests outside of the profession, exercise, and sports. And, of course, be honest yourself to examine your own claims and may be the personal capacity to adapt. Who tries to always do everything 150%, is in the long term, Burnout highly-endangered.

Once Burnout Burnout, always?

Bracher: A Burnout is treatable, but relapses are of course not excluded. It is important that the Concerned issue will be aware and learn the appropriate protective mechanisms and strategies for coping with stress. In many cases, the psychotherapy, particularly behavior therapy can be helpful. Standard solutions do not exist. Rather, the medical assistance to the patient, and whose work should and conditions, as well as the nature of complaints life. Over 90 percent of those Affected manage the return to work. In addition, the following applies: Each life crisis offers the Chance of a new beginning.