Within 10 years there will be growth of alcoholism and mortality

In the published in Geneva report by the world health organization (who) warned about the serious increase in alcohol consumption, which in the opinion of the experts of the organization will occur within ten years. Abusing alcohol will cause the most mass mortality among other factors, experts believe.

“Deaths from alcohol are higher than the mortality caused by such diseases as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and diabetes”, – stated in the who.
In its report, the staff of the organization announced that scientists have estimated the number of people “suffering from disorders related to alcohol,” so it turned out. 237 million of the 46 million men and women. Researchers identified a trend: “alcoholic” disorder was more typical for countries with high income per capita than low. By the way, according to the report, in Russia in 2016 was drunk of 11.7 litres of pure alcohol per capita, more than in Austria (11,6), Switzerland (11,5), great Britain (11,4) and the USA (9,8).

Who believe that the problem of alcoholism is becoming more common, significant and dramatic. In the world today there are 2.3 billion people who consume alcohol.

“Too many people in the world, their families and communities suffer the consequences of harmful use of alcohol – violence, injuries, mental health problems, and also due to diseases such as cancer and stroke,” said in this regard, the who Director-General Tedros Adan Ghebreyesus.
Experts estimate that the majority of cases associated with alcohol abuse mortality caused by injuries. Other factors were diseases of the digestive system, cardiovascular diseases, infections, malignant tumors. According to who,in 2016 from the “harmful use” of alcohol in the world died bole 3 million people (5.3% of all deaths).

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