The secret of prolonging life

To reduce the risk of premature death, prolong life and ensure healthy aging is possible provided that the body gets optimal amounts of vitamins, minerals and other useful and important substances – this in a press release on MedicalXpress reported by the researchers of the research Institute at children’s hospital in Oakland. Most people, scientists believe that lack one or more substances.

American experts said that in the case of shortage of vitamins and minerals the body maintains their vital functions and for reproduction at the expense of other needs. This means that some organs and systems bear an increased load. For example, the lack of vitamin K and selenium increases the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases, because the body produces less enzymes that support healthy arteries. Vitamin D, omega-3-unsaturated fatty acid and magnesium necessary for the production of enzymes that are involved in DNA repair, protect against damage to the blood vessels and prevent oxidative stress – a deficiency affects the propensity to heart attacks, strokes, cancer.

“Nowadays, vitamin deficiency is usually not strong enough to cause scurvy or rickets, but this disadvantage has long-term implications,” warned the experts.
Also, the authors of this study noted that to prevent the development of chronic diseases and premature aging you need to add in the diet of certain substances that are not vitamins. They may not seem as important as vitamins and minerals, but “really needed for high life expectancy”, was the opinion of the experts. Such substances they believe ascorbic acid, taurine, rich in ergothioneine, pyrrolopyridine, carotenoids.

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