The doctor, apply a filter: surgeons are increasingly being asked to do the face, as in Instagram

Plastic surgeons are sounding the alarm: people increasingly began to refer to them with unconventional requests. If before the sample was taken photos of Actresses, stars, models, people, real, but now patients want to be similar to themselves. But only “in Instagram”, that is, after applying the filters.

Make me beautiful

Indeed, previously widely used the concept of “cover girl”. The patient referred to a plastic surgeon, would bring magazines with pictures of stars and asked to make “lips like Angelina Jolie” or “nose, like Catherine Deneuve”. Women were guided by socially accepted standards of beauty, the epitome of which is found in real women. Today the situation has radically changed.

My second I

Social networks
, particularly Instagram, give people new opportunities. To get a better look at the photos, many of us actively filters, and placed them until, until I get the perfect picture. And all anything, but then with this picture people go to plastic surgeons. We don’t want to be like the stars. We want to be like redacted and “filtered” itself.

Now people are not asking the cheekbones and slit eyes like a celebrity. They usually ask to increase the eyes and lips, and reduce your nose to their face looked like in the photo with filters. In 2018, the share of such requests from the total number of requests is over 50%. This approach leads to a very unpleasant for surgeons consequences.

Deep dissatisfaction

Surgeons note that often such a person that person gets put it on photo several filters, it is simply impossible. And hence the second problem: a patient who does not receive “integralnoi” copies of himself, will never be satisfied with the result of the operation.

Plastic surgeons the United States believe that available to most people in a social network with built-in photo filters has created a new wave dismorphia. It is a mental condition where a person excessively concerned about how he looks. And often can not take the peculiarities of your body and appearance.

Here and now

There is an important point. No matter how funny it sounds, but the instant transformation in Instagram (it should click a few buttons, and you’re young and fresh like 15 years ago) made many patients very impatient. They are not ready to wait for the results of plastic surgery. They want to get a new look quickly. What? Like a photo in Instagram.

FAS… Profile

Another problem associated with the very perfect selfie that we place in social networks. Namely, we see only one angle. With, incidentally, a good. The task of a plastic surgeon – not just listen to all the wishes of the patient, but also to show her the future face from different angles. This helps the 3D modeling, which must not be forgotten. But like whether the patient profile, if you are on a selfie she only saw the FAS, the big question.

In General, plastic surgery is good, but difficult. You can try hasbinding. That is, read our article.